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Pro-wrestling News: Dr. Smash discusses best Dangal ke Soorma opponents, surprises, challenges and more! (Exclusive)

278   //    19 Aug 2019, 14:21 IST

Dr. Smash personifies confidence in 'Dangal ke Soorma'
Dr. Smash personifies confidence in 'Dangal ke Soorma'

India's first-ever pro-wrestling TV Show 'Dangal Ke Sorma' is about to go live from next week. While the product has kept the Indian wrestling fan community buzzing with rumors and updates, we had a chance to reach out to Dr. Smash and discuss the revolutionary show.

During our conversation, Dr. Smash discussed the efforts that went behind developing his in-ring persona, his struggles in the early days, his favorite opponents, and the best of 'Dangal ke Soorma'.

Below are few excerpts wherein Dr. Smash has openly addressed the past, present, and the future of pro-wrestling in India.

Which is your favorite moment from the first season of 'Dangal ke Soorma'?

My favorite part has to be sharing the ring with Chris Masters. It was almost like a dream come true for me.

I was nervous initially but I pulled up my socks and started training. I was up against someone who is a big name in pro-wrestling and has achieved so much in other promotions like WWE. That made me nervous for the few minutes but then I told myself that I can do this.

How did your friends and family react to your decision to pursue pro-wrestling?

Convincing my family to let me wrestle was more difficult than wrestling itself. I am from Punjab where sports like Kushti (Indian wrestling) and Kabaddi are extremely popular. People there enjoy watching pro-wrestling but there's no one from my pace who made a big name in this industry.

Thus, my family had two major concerns. First was the repercussions of sustaining an injury which is quite common. Secondly, they were concerned that I have to go to a different country and fight. I come from a small village so big dreams are scary for us at times.

"There's a dream to become the best in the business..."

But I didn't give up. I somehow convinced them to support me in my dream. Even when I told my friends, they never expected me to reach this far. Although they are also long-time fans of WWE, they were concerned about how I will manage to engage in similar fights.

So I told them that I believe I can do it. Later in my life, I won't regret not trying hard enough for my dreams.

What do you think about pro-wrestling's future in India?

Pro-wrestling is extremely popular in India. I mean you won't find anyone here who doesn't know about The Undertaker or John Cena or The Rock. But what exactly is pro-wrestling? What makes pro-wrestling an art and how much effort each wrestler puts in is still something that Indians have not understood completely.

But gradually all those things will change. In the last couple of years, we have seen pro-wrestling's popularity increase by manifold in this sub-continent. In fact, who would have thought that an Indian pro-wrestling show featuring Indian wrestlers will come on our TV screens? But that's happening now.

There's a need to have a strong foundation holding the growing popularity of pro-wrestling in India. I have seen it change with time and I know that it has a bright future ahead in this country.

What do you want to achieve in the pro-wrestling business?

Every man dreams of reaching the highest altar of success in any field that he chooses. Therefore, I too want to reach the top of the pro-wrestling business. I dream of having my name included in conversations about the best wrestlers but I am taking one step at a time.

This show has just started. I don't think about reaching the top immediately. I will work hard for getting better at the same. Hopefully, the show (Dangal ke Soorma) will be successful and will be loved by the audience. Only then will I be able to think about what I want to do next.

Who is your all-time favorite wrestler?

I have to say, Goldberg. I have enjoyed watching him wrestle since I was a kid. I used to watch clips from his matches on YouTube. He was not a part of WWE when I started following the product. But in recent years, he came back and took on Brock Lesnar and I was lucky enough to watch that match live.

Recently, 2Faan revealed in an interview that he will like to face you inside the ring. What do you have to say about it? Is there anyone you would like to face?

I will definitely face 2Faan if we have a match... I don't back down from a fight. He is a good wrestler and it feels good to go up against strong competitors.

I would also like to face Zoro. He is a good friend of mine, he is a skilled wrestler and I think we both can engage in a good match.

What can fans expect from Dr. Smash?

Well, when I am inside the ring, preparing for my opponent -- the spectators can close their eyes and assert that Dr. Smash is going to win this match.