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Ranking the CHAOS Members most likely to be the Bullet Club mole

  • As the battle for New Japan continues, a potent question remains for CHAOS; who is the Bullet Club mole in their ranks?
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Modified 06 Dec 2018, 18:29 IST
Bullet Club is fine but CHAOS surely ain
Bullet Club is fine but CHAOS surely ain't

Bullet Club, to paraphrase Cody; is fine. Most importantly, it is thriving under the new tutelage of Gedo and the era of the Switchblade. The faction is in a collision course with CHAOS and Kazuchika Okada so much so that the Rainmaker has found allies in Hiroshi Tanahashi and friends of all people.

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Despite the dream team implications, things haven't worked out too well for them though. The Mega Powers of Japan are on the losing end of two matches with Jay White and his crew, during this year's World Tag League. It continues an intriguing see-saw for a game-changing rivalry in New Japan, especially with the questionable absence of Kenny Omega and the ELITE.

CHAOS has spilled over to the remnants of the faction that unfortunately don't seem too interested in Okada's struggles apart from the cooky Rocky Romero. It plays right into Switchblade's prophetic words that there is a mole within CHAOS.

As of now, it's looking a bit hazy except for a few hints during World Tag League to things that might concern the faction and Okada should look into. In that vein here are the rankings of the CHAOS members in order of least to most likely be the mole in Jay White's Bullet Club.

#10 Tomohiro Ishii

Ishii smacking it out of anyone who
Ishii smacking it out of anyone who's dumb enough to think he'll join Bullet Club

To even think that the Stone Cold Pit Bull would betray the faction is silly. It isn't because he shares any great relationship with Okada, but rather that Ishii is a very straightforward man. His hard-hitting style and can-do attitude perfectly fits CHAOS and while Jay White is the ultimate parody of the chicken WWE heel, Ishii is definitely not mindlessly turning to the "dark side" like him.


White tried desperately early in the year to change the game, but Ishii wasn't biting instead threatening the Switchblade. It ended up subduing Jay White's betrayal long enough for him to find a backup from the fractured remains of Bullet Club and a disheartened Gedo to turn on Okada.

Ishii is a fired up competitor and surprisingly doing well in the World Tag League along with Toru Yano. He's set up to confront Zack Sabre Jr. come Wrestle Kingdom 13 for the RPW World Championship. This means there's also not much wiggle room for Gedo to push him into the intense war between CHAOS and Bullet Club. At best Ishii's involvement will peak when Okada likely loses his big dome match on the Rainmaker's side.

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Published 06 Dec 2018, 18:29 IST
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