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Ranking the G1 Climax Competitors: Block B

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705   //    30 Jun 2018, 22:15 IST

Begins 14th July
Begins 14th July

Divided into two equal seeming Blocks of ten competitors each, the G1 Climax is unlike any wrestling tournament in the world. It runs for weeks and is an endurance test of the utmost degree. Whoever survives it, is definitely among the elite of professional wrestling. The winner to borrow a word from WWE is effectively immortalized.

Stacked to the rafters is Block B and as such many individuals are sleeping on block A for the reason that it seems predictable Kazuchika Okada will reign supreme, the same cannot be said for Block B. The G1 climax despite being a fight for a shot at the world championship, features the champion himself.

With his consistency in the past tournaments, there's some that would peg Omega as a top-tier competitor and even a possibility to make it to the finals. The twist in the tale is that Block B features far greater challenges to the championship come time for Wrestle Kingdom 13.

Omega will have to contend with the rising star of Zack Sabre Jr., Tetsuya Naito seeking redemption and above all else his golden lover Kota Ibushi. It's hard to imagine which one of them could walk into the finals.

Any of the three or all, among other competitors across this board, could upset Omega. As such whether a G1 Climax win or not, they will effectively able to challenge Omega for the world title ruining his chances to main event Wrestle Kingdom.

This caveat adds an interesting wrinkle to an already intense tournament. It's the best of its kind for the world to enjoy, from 14th July to 12th August where the winner of Block A will face the winner of Block B.

So let's find out who might actually walk out of Block B to fight for the chance to main event Wrestle Kingdom 13.

10. Toru Yano

Even Yano remains stunned by how much he can accomplish
Even Yano remains stunned by how much he can accomplish

Block B will provide the most intense of competitions with the hard-hitting styles of Ishii, Goto and Tonga mixed with the world-beating styles of Ibushi, Omega, and Naito. As such Yano provides a beat of rest for the field at varied points.

The fun-loving Japanese superstar is always set to provide a game-changing upset in the contest, but also help give pause to what is fast becoming a dangerous run of matches. That the G1 Climax has always caused a few superstars some strain means that Yano is just the perfect buffer.

More importantly, this field allows him to elevate some of the lower tier competitors while also providing a range of fun matches with the likes of Ibushi, Omega, Sabre Jr and most importantly his partner Tomohiro Ishii. Eventually, none of it will really matter for Yano, at least.

Best Possible Match: vs. Tomohiro Ishii, Night 2

For all the fun he can have with the likes of Omega or Naito, Toru Yano, and Tomohiro Ishii will no doubt tear the house down with a contest equal parts rough and fun. Yano meshes well with Ishii, it's why they make such an incredibly weird tag team. While Ishii is bound to win when Yano wants he can get a few licks in making this something worth waiting for.

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