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Road Warrior Animal doesn't think Tessa Blanchard should be Impact's World Champion, thoughts on what wrestling companies are missing

Legion of Doom Hawk, Paul Ellering, and Animal
Legion of Doom Hawk, Paul Ellering, and Animal
Modified 05 Feb 2020, 07:12 IST

In a recent interview with Road Warrior Animal, which can be read here, he opened up about a number of topics including his thoughts on what wrestling companies are missing, and his thoughts on Tessa Blanchard becoming Impact's World Champion. You can read his comments below.

SK: What are your thoughts on all the different wrestling companies from NWA, AEW, WWE, New Japan, ROH, Impact, all these different companies as to back then having territories. What do you think of all these various outlets for a fan to watch wrestling again?

Animal: I think it's a great time in the wrestling business for fans again. I think where every company is missing the boat is no storylines. Fans love being involved in the story, and there are no storylines. That's the only thing missing. Wrestling talent is great.

I think they need to get away from the monkey see monkey do mentality. If you're watching WWE and they're doing 50 flying tackles or presses over the top rope. They have to get away from that. 

Nobody has their own identity. That's what separated us back in the day. We all had our own identity, our own likeliness, our own personality, interviews. Everything was different. I think you have to go that way.

They're trying to reach to do some things. Like there ain't no way I believe that Tessa Blanchard should be the world's heavyweight champion for men. I love Tessa, and I love the family. I love Magnum, and I love Tully. Not good business cause a girl is never going to beat a guy. I'm not chauvinistic; I'm honest.

Ring of Honor had the opportunity to do something good, but now besides Marty Scurll, who do they got? Yeah, they have the Briscoes and a couple of things but not very many, and the WWE is what it is. You can see WWE production is second to none. They're the best.

 AEW comes in second, but AEW has gotten a bad habit of not respecting the referees. They'll do a tag match, and we have four seconds to get in and out of the ring, they've got guys in the ring 25-30 seconds! I'm going, "What the heck, man?"The fans are smart, and they see that. That's why you watch the ratings keep going up and down, up and down. They're not getting what they want to see.

You promise the fans storylines, and you're not giving them that. Both WWE and AEW has promised that. That's the only thing I think that's missing.


We'd like to thank Captin's Corners for allowing us to interview Road Warrior Animal. Below is the audio to the interview.

Published 05 Feb 2020, 07:12 IST
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