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Opinion: Why Roman Reigns should be the WWE Universal champion

587   //    14 Apr 2018, 11:46 IST

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Lesnar gives Reigns an F5 on an announce table

Brock Lesnar defeated Roman Reigns to retain the WWE Universal Championship at WrestleMania 34. Most analysts and fans had predicted a Roman Reigns victory. This would not come to fruition as Lesnar bloodied Reigns and defeated him after multiple F5s. This win was unpredictable and clearly, many fans are still upset.

The match was not well received by many in the audience and there were audible chants of "this is awful" during the match. If predictions from all across the WWE Universe were to be believed, the outcome would have been for Reigns to pin Lesnar for the title, but that would have also upset many fans.

WWE fans may not have been happy either way. With Lesnar as Champion, many complain that he doesn’t deliver in major matches and shows up to other wrestling events as a “part-timer.” Other WWE fans would rather not have Reigns pushed down their throats.

Despite the Roman Reigns haters, he still has a solid fanbase amongst the WWE universe. There's a reason he is still getting pushed and it's not because Vince McMahon is stubborn. Roman Reigns makes the WWE a ton of money through merchandising and has consistently delivered in the ring. For those who aren't quite sold on Reigns being the champion, they should ask themselves a few questions.

Would you rather have a part-time champ who is inconsistent in the ring? Or would you rather have a champion who delivers great matches week after week? Someone who gives I all inside the square circle even though he is not loved by all the WWE universe?

Unlike Lesnar, "The Big Dog" can consistently defend the Universal title on house shows and Monday Night Raw. Lesnar, on the other hand, barely shows up on Raw to wrestle and is sometimes not on WWE PPVs. Reigns is a great performer and has put on great matches against Rollins, Styles, Strowman, and other top stars.

Reigns would be a fighting champion and would be able to make appearances on house shows and television more consistently than Brock. The WWE Universe deserves a champion who is dedicated to wrestling and will give the fans a show, even if they love him or hate him.

The loss to Brock only makes Roman Reigns look weaker in the eyes of the WWE Universe. He is set for a rematch at The Greatest Royal Rumble and will probably win the Universal title there. There is no real reason why Roman Reigns should have a rematch. He lost the match without any outside interference.

Reigns was then made to look weak the following Monday on Raw. His promo was confusing and Samoa Joe verbally destroyed him on the microphone. WWE is insistent on making Brock look like the company guy when it is clearly Roman Reigns.


Roman Reigns gets a better reaction out of the WWE Universe when he is presented as a no-nonsense badass. He was popular in his time in the Shield and had gotten less negative reactions when they reunited.

He has good matches with anyone he is put against, has the WWE look, and makes the company a ton of money. WWE's booking is making a talented superstar look weak despite wanting him to be the top guy in the company.

The WWE could have had an edgier, or possibly heel, Roman Reigns come to the Raw after Wrestlemania and begin a new era. Instead, they had him lose his big match and look like a fool the next night.

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