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Where Will Kenny Omega Go?

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Kenny Omega's contract with New Japan is up soon. But where will he end up plying his craft? We examine the possibilities.

What will Kenny Omega do?

The question is on everyone's mind these days in the purview of sports entertainment. Kenny Omega has been a major star in New Japan Pro Wrestling for several years, capturing the IWGP United States title and then the IWGP World Heavyweight championship, becoming one of a handful of Gaijin, foreign, wrestlers to hold that belt in the land of the rising sun.

But now he appears to be taking a step back from his home of the last few years, and speculation is running wild as to where he will wind up signing. This isn't even the first time that Kenny Omega has been in this situation; Just two years ago, rumours he would make a surprise debut at the Royal Rumble circulated wildly, until he resigned with New Japan Pro Wrestling.

What goes around comes around, and now Kenny Omega's contract is coming up again. Just where will Kenny Omega wind up wrestling? We will examine the possibilities, and speculate on which are the most likely.

Possibility #1: The WWE

Could Kenny Omega make his debut at the Royal Rumble, just as AJ Styles did before him?
Could Kenny Omega make his debut at the Royal Rumble, just as AJ Styles did before him?

Reasons he might sign with the WWE: First and foremost, the WWE can offer Kenny Omega a type of financial compensation that the next closest competitor couldn't hope to match for just one talent. Second, the WWE offers the largest of all possible stages on which to ply his supreme technical wrestling and stiff striking. Finally, it would feel like personal validation for Omega to return to a company that once spurned him and become their top star.

Reasons he might not sign with the WWE: There might be some lingering resentment left after the way he was treated by the company the first time around. Also, creative control of his matches is very important to Kenny Omega, and this alone could be a deal breaker for the Best Bout Machine. Finally, most of Kenny's old Bullet Club alumni seem mired in the WWE's midcard, such as Finn Balor and the tandem of Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson.

Chances of signing with WWE: 50-50. Big money is said to be on the table, but Kenny eschewed a big offer from WWE once before, not to mention that his friends have their own wrestling promotion now...

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