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WOHW Publishers' Kenny Casanova opens up about Sabu's Autobiography

Lee Walker
976   //    22 Nov 2018, 02:47 IST

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WOHW Publishers recently announced The ECW Orginal Sabu's autobiography will be published soon. We sat down with Kenny Casanova, owner of WOHW Publishers to discuss Sabu's autobiography and what fans can expect from the book.

SK: What is the title of Sabu's autobiography?

Casanova: The title is SABU, and then underneath, SCARS, SILENCE & SUPERGLUE for the subtitle. 

SK: What can fans expect from Sabu's autobiography?

Casanova: Sabu's book has tons of awesome stories covering his entire career, despite the fact that she almost never spoke in the ring. The book includes forewords by Taz and Rob Van Dam. Fans will also enjoy multiple guess passages including Bill Alfonso, Tommy Dreamer, Justin Credible, Joel Gertner, Blue Meanie, Al Snow, Mikey Whipwreck, Konnan & others.

The autobiography will also include great pictures by George Tahinos, a former ECW magazine photographer.

SK: What does it take as a publisher to help a professional wrestler with an autobiography?

Casanova: Both of these books (Sabu & Vader's) and other ones in our catalog were fashioned to be unlike other books in the wrestling genre in that they literally take years to get right. They are not just thrown together with a lighter spending a couple of hours with a guy.

Being a professional wrestler, a manager, a promoter, a ring announcer, and a booker, I had my hand in many aspects of the business myself. That helps me to fill in the blanks much better than any ghostwriter without the same background. This is why the Kamala book was such a success, and it will be for Sabu.

I am happy to announce I helped with Sabu's autobiography with interviewing ECW Originals Al Snow and Justin Credible for passages in the book. To keep up to date on Sabu's autobiography release date, you can click here.