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Cian Richardson

I am a student studying at university and have always had a keen interest in sports journalism. I first played football when I was 4 years old and have been reading football articles, whether it was in a magazine or online, since then. I have written articles before on my computer for the joy of doing it and to try and replicate the articles that I read on a daily basis.

I have always considered a career in sports journalism but I needed a platform to really get the ball rolling. Recently, I discovered Sportskeeda and saw it as the ideal opportunity to write more articles and to improve my writing. It provides a great platform for me to share my work with thousands of people and the feedback from editors will be crucial for my development as a writer.

I am a very passionate Liverpool supporter and the majority of my articles will be Liverpool related. However, I will not be exclusively talking about Liverpool and will also cover a wide range of footballing topics.
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