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10 things we would like to see in a Messi movie

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Lionel Messi and Cristiano are like the Batman and the Joker—they share an unparalleled, but at the same time can’t exist without each other. When Cristiano does something, fans want Messi to better it. The opposite is also true.When Cristiano’s son was born, many wanted a little version of Messi to arrive as soon as possible. Few years down the line, Thiago Messi came and that quota was filled as well. When Messi scores in a game, the pressure of scoring on the Portuguese also rises.In the most latest of happenings, the former United man had a movie released on his life. The movie is based on the life of the Madeira-born and his rise to stardom from the tough streets of his neighbourhood.So now the klaxon has rung, and the hypothesis is in: what if the Argentine made a similar movie depicting his life? While there are no plan of that yet, we will get a little ahead of ourselves and try to surmise the contents of any such potential movie. Or, rather, these are some of the things we would like to see in a Lionel Messi movie. 

#1 Origin of his birth

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Whenever Messi does something absolutely ridiculous on the field, which is most of the times, people question his original birthplace—whether he is, in fact, from this planet or not. While it is a bit of a discrimination against the planet to suggest that someone must be of another place in order to be insanely good, a Lionel Messi documentary must contain the details of his birth.

In that case, not much work has to be done as copy-pasting the first scenes of Man of Steel would suffice. That way, the awesome Russel Crowe would be starring in Messi’s movie, which would automatically make it better than Cristiano’s one.

Jokes aside, even though it seems quite possible that he might have been zinged in from another planet like Kal-El aka Superman was, roots are the beginning of everything and for us Humans, birth is the root of it all.

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