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5 reasons why gully cricket is so popular in India

Deeptesh Sen
4.22K   //    14 Oct 2015, 05:15 IST

If you are a cricket crazy fan who has grown up in India idolising the biggest legends of the game, the chances are high that you have, at some stage, played gully cricket. Who can forget that famous century you scored which you would one day brag about to your grandson leaving behind the fact that the game was played in the tiniest of dusty by-lanes? Who can forget the madness and the intensity of endless players crowding the small field which was hosting ten matches at the same time?Gully cricket, because of its unique rules and contrivances, has a charm of its own. Think of the number of balls you have lost and the innumerable window-panes you had shattered with your eccentric lofted drive. The nostalgia of those days makes anyone want to go back to the yesteryears and play this crazy form of the game once again.Here are five reasons why gully cricket is so popular all over the country.  

#1 Innovative ways of scoring runs

Gully Cricket
Gully cricket is often about placing the balls in the scoring areas

The charms of playing gully cricket lie in the endless self-invented rules that allow you to score runs in new and innovative ways. If you hit the ball directly on the wall on the leg side, you get two runs. And sometimes, if you hit a huge six, you are awarded eight or twelve runs depending on the rules in your local playground.

These innovative ways of scoring runs often help aspiring batsmen placement and timing as they try to hit appropriate targets to score more. But almost always, there are no runs scored when the ball goes behind the stumps which is not good news for a generation of emerging cricketers who need to perfect their scoops and uppercuts more than ever. The batsmen also have to be careful about the nearest pond, the window-pane and even the passer-by every time they go for a slog.

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