10 footballers who have played for the most clubs

Craig Bellamy is one of the most interesting characters to have played in the Premier League
Dipankar Lahiri

#6 Nicolas Anelka (11)

He has played for some of the biggest clubs in England, and yet isn’t one of the most successful forwards

This talented Frenchman has played for some of the most prestigous clubs in Europe, but his failure to consolidate his place in any of those clubs has harmed the player’s international chances.

Anelka spent his most prolific years scoring goals for Manchester City (37 goals), Fenerbahce (14 goals) and Bolton Wanderers (21 goals). His longest stay was at Chelsea, and it was at this London club that he played out the end of his best years. He played between 2008 and 2012 for them and returned 38 goals in the four years. Anelka then spent an year appearing for Shanghai Shenhua in the Chinese football league before returning to Europe.

Anelka is currently a free agent and is on the lookout for a twelfth club to allow him to prolong his career.

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