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Top 5 funniest moment in Formula One

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Although the drivers and mechanics work around the clock to make sure that the car is in tip-top condition and to unleash the true potential for those V6 turbo beasts, Formula One is not just about all work and no play. They are human after all and still find time to horse around and play the fool. The 2015 rain soaked US GP in Austin was living proof of that, when the hurricane struck the East Coast it was impossible to conduct qualifying so to kill time and make sure that the fans got their money’s worth the teams came up with innovative ways to lighten the gloomy mood. From break dancing Force India mechanics to the Force India Indo-Mexican wave, from a game of skittles with a ball and a few empty cans of Red Bull to an impromptu waltz in the rain between Daniel Ricciardo and Daniil Kvyat, from the Williams teams practising for the Oxford vs Cambridge boat race showdown to the Williams and Force India teams having their own version of the affore mentioned race. 

#1 Kimi Raikkonen was \'having a sh*t\'

kimi pedro de la rosa 2006 brazil mclaren
Kimi Raikkonen (R) with his teammate Pedro de la Rosa has always believed in total honesty

The 2006 Brazilian GP was Michael Schumacher’s final race in Formula One (until he decided to return, but he would go on to rejoin Mercedes).

Brazilian football legend Pele presented a trophy to the veteran German for his outstanding achievements in motorsports. The entire grid was in attendance to witness this momentous event, but there was one face missing from the attendees. McLaren-Mercedes’ Kimi Raikkonen was nowhere to be found at the ceremony.

Afterwards, when journalists finally caught up with the Finn and inquired about his absence, he responded in his usual blunt ‘Kimi’  fashion: “I was taking a sh*t”

The statement immediately prompted guffaws from interviewers, crew and likely every single person watching.

#2 Jenson Button can\'t find his parking spot

jenson button brawn gp 2009 world championship
We Are the Champions: Button sang and celebrated during his victory lap..and drove into the pit

After winning the iconic Monaco GP in 2009, the Brawn GP driver drove into the pitlane during the victory celebration lap.

Now whenever a driver wins in the principality, parc ferme is on the grid. Evidently Button must have forgotten about that.

That embarrassing little gaffe meant that not only was it the only time he put a foot wrong the entire weekend, he had to perform a secondary victory lap on foot as he had to sprint around the circuit to rejoin his colleagues.


#3 Kimi Raikkonen\'s GPS System goes haywire

kimi raikkonen interlagos brazil gp 2012 lotus
It’s all wet! Raikkonen and his Lotus skidded and lost direction completely

During the 2012 Brazilian GP, in wet conditions Raikkonen went off track in his Lotus and skittered across the gravel. Instead of turning around, the Finn continued down an escape route because it supposedly led to the main straight.

Unfortunately, he found himself facing a bolted gate so he was forced to turn around and skate across the gravel using his exceptional rallying skills to rejoin the circuit. Of course what followed was a tidal wave of Internet memes and trolls. 

#4 Lewis Hamilton forgets that he races for Mercedes

Mistakes happen from time to time, especially during a pitstop, and there are some cases where a driver turns up in the wrong pit box. The newly retired Jaime Alguersuari who was driving for Toro Rosso accidentally stopped in the Red Bull pit box but that’s kind of forgivable since they are sister teams and have nearly the same livery.

A couple of years later Jenson Button repeated the same feat when he stopped in the Red Bull garage. In 2013, Lewis Hamilton must have experienced a sense of nostalgia when he entered the McLaren pit box in front of a confused McLaren pit crew at the year's Malaysian Grand Prix.

A bemused Jenson Button, his former teammate, was supposed to be the car in the McLaren pit box now occupied by Hamilton, and could only look on as his compatriot left, and later apologised.

Needless to say, his then-girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger had a merry old laugh at the sight of her boyfriend in the wrong pit garage.

#5 Fernando Alonso and Tarso Marques drive each other\'s cars

Fernando Alonso Tarso Marques Minardi 2001
Fernando Alonso and his teammate Tarso Marques played musical cars at Minardi

This rather amusing incident happened over a decade ago – in 2001, the year Fernando Alonso, Kimi Raikkonen and ex Formula One driver Juan Pablo Montoya made their debuts and Jenson Button had completed one year in F1.

During the German Grand Prix in Hockenheim, Alonso’s Minardi broke down during the warm-up session. The team immediately put him in the spare car and set about fixing the Spaniard’s car.

Minutes from the warm up lap, teammate Tarso Marques’ car also broke down and the team gave him Alonso’s repaired Minardi because the team only had one spare car.

When the race started, the spare car being used by Alonso had an oil leak but the red flag, which was brought out in the wake of the collision between Luciano Burti and Michael Schumacher, meant that Alonso could take his Brazilian teammate’s car that had been quickly patched up.

When this game of musical chairs (or cars) had finished the 2 Minardi drivers found themselves driving each other’s cars.

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