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5 Major pitfalls in the life of a professional wrestler

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“The Wrestler” was a masterpiece showcasing, aptly, the hardships of professional wrestlers living the dream in the sports entertainment. People always think that professional wrestling is ‘Fake’ and all the performances they see in the ring are scripted. While most of it is true (scripted outcomes) but the pain they endure is real.Physical pain is not all that wrestlers have to deal with. There are only a few handful wrestlers that are able to reach the pinnacle of success in their careers without crumbling down to vices like alcohol, drugs, Injuries, etc. Here is the list of major pitfalls in the life of a Professional Wrestler.

#1 Alcohol

Alcohol, when consumed socially, is enjoyable and harmless. But when people resort to use alcohol in order to combat stress, pressure or loneliness it becomes a vicious vice. Wrestling being a fast and competitive sport, many wrestlers have fell prey to alcoholism. In order to cope up with the pressure to perform on a daily basis, many wrestlers find an easy escape in booze.

Scott Hall and Lex Luger are few names that come to mind when one thinks of career downfall due to booze. Hall is famous for numerous rehab stints over the years an has only recently been able to sober up.

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