Los Angeles Dodgers Designated Trevor Bauer for Assignment

San Francisco Giants v Los Angeles Dodgers
San Francisco Giants v Los Angeles Dodgers

After having his suspension for domestic abuse reduced from 324 games to 194, Trevor Bauer has been reinstated, but the Los Angeles Dodgers have decided to designate him for assignment.

This means the Dodgers have a week to trade Bauer. If they cannot find a team that wants to take on Bauer and his $22 million salary, he will be a free agent, and the Dodgers will be on the hook for his enormous salary. At that point, any team can sign the Cy Young winner for the league minimum wage -- $720,000.

Trevor Bauer Suspension

In June of 2021, a restraining order was filed against Bauer, as a woman claimed he assaulted her twice during sex. At that point, the Dodgers placed the righty on administrative leave, and the MLB launched an investigation.

Two more women stepped forward, claiming the same thing happened to them, but Bauer was found innocent of all charges in court. Despite the court's findings, Rob Manfred still decided to suspend Bauer.

Manfred issued a 324-game suspension, two times longer than the previous longest penalty under the domestic violence policy.

Bauer appealed, and after eight months, it was ruled that the suspension should be brought down to 194 games, 144 of which he served over the 2022 season, and the remaining 50 games could be served simply by docking his pay. Meaning he can be reinstated and be available come opening day.

The Dodgers did not think the ruling was just, so they released a statement and are cutting Bauer loose.

"Now that this process has been completed, and after careful consideration, we have decided that he will no longer be part of our organization." - @Dodgers

What's Next For Bauer?

This is an interesting situation. Bauer won the Cy Young in 2020, and he was having a tremendous season in 2021 before being shut down. So while he hasn't pitched in a season and a half, there is no doubt that a competitor like him will be ready come Spring Training.

While there are apparent character concerns about Bauer, some teams will be willing to take a risk on a player of his caliber. However, knowing he will be sought after, he will likely not clear waivers.

So what should happen is an interested team will trade an unwanted player with a similar contract to LA for Bauer.

For example, the Atlanta Braves may consider sending Marcell Ozuna, a guy who is underperforming from his massive salary -- and has had some domestic abuse problems of his own, to LA for Bauer.

While the Dodgers wouldn't keep Ozuna on the roster, they would receive some savings as paying him would be less than Bauer. The Braves' bottom line wouldn't change much, but they would have a Cy Young pitcher instead of a .226 hitter.

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