"He earns so much money but only offered £600" - Premier League star offers Le Tissier's 'offended' daughter-in-law measly amount for sex on Instagram DM 

Alex Le Tissier is the daughter-in-law of Premier League legend Matt Le Tissier
Alex Le Tissier is the daughter-in-law of Premier League legend Matt Le Tissier

Southampton legend Matt Le Tissier's daughter-in-law has revealed that a Premier League footballer offered her £600 for a 'meet' on Instagram.

Alex Le Tissier is married to the Saints icon's son Mitch and has four children with him. She turned to sex work and joined popular content subscription website OnlyFans during the pandemic to feed her kids, according to the Daily Star.

She has since risen to fame on the platform, gaining more than 2000 subscribers in the first three weeks. Alex has also gone on to land a job as a cam girl on English television program Babestation.

It also appears the 30-year-old has caught the attention of professional footballers with her work on OnlyFans and Babestation. She has claimed that she was offered a sum of £600 for sex with a Premier League star via a personal message on Instagram. The text read:

“Watching u online now, how much for a meet £600? Keep it quiet tho [sic].”

Reacting to the message, Alex said she was offended by the approach and did not respond to it. She did not shy away from blasting the player in question for 'only' offering £600 despite earning 'so much money'. She was quoted as saying by the Daily Star:

“It was on Instagram and I didn’t respond as I was so offended. He earns so much money but only offered £600. I think he has been watching my shows at Babestation for a while. He must have thought because he is a footballer I would say yes but I know my worth.”

Mitch, Alex's husband and Le Tissier's son, is also said to be aware of the incident and labeled the message and the offer a 'joke'. The unnamed player is reportedly in his early 20s and plies his trade for a Premier League club.

Premier League great Le Tissier allegedly called Alex a 'bad' mother

Alex's decision to join OnlyFans was not well received by her father-in-law Le Tissier. She recently revealed that he she has not spoken to the former Southampton attacker or her mother-in-law since she started her account. She said:

“At first they would make comments and digs through my husband. They said I am a bad mum for doing this and they made fun of my body. Unfortunately the sex industry isn’t something that a lot of people want to be associated with."

The 30-year-old also revealed that she was asked to drop her last name by her husband's family.

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