Delhi court rejects Sushil Kumar’s anticipatory bail plea in Chhatarsal brawl case

Sushil Kumar's bail plea has been rejected by the Delhi trial court. (Source: IE)
Sushil Kumar's bail plea has been rejected by the Delhi trial court. (Source: IE)

The district court in Rohini rejected wrestler Sushil Kumar’s anticipatory bail plea on Tuesday. Additional Sessions Judge Jadgish Kumar rejected the plea, which was made in connection with Kumar's involvement in the murder case of former international grappler Sagar Rana, who died earlier this month.

While Rana died, two of his mates Sonu and Amit Kumar were injured and alleged that Sushil Kumar and other wrestlers brutally assaulted them on the night of May 4. Sushil Kumar, a two-time Olympic medallist, has been on the run since the FIR was lodged against him.

The plea, filed by Sushil Kumar’s advocate Kumar Vaibhaw, said:

“Unfounded, baseless, scurrilous and preposterous allegations have been made against the applicant maliciously with the only motive to humiliate and injure the reputation of the applicant.”

Plea states this is all an attempt to defame Sushil Kumar

Citing inaccuracy over the allegations, Sushil Kumar’s plea said the incident happened in the wee hours of May 5, and the distance between the crime place and the police station is just one kilometer. Despite that, the FIR was filed after almost 5-6 hours.

The incident happened at the premises of Chhatarsal Stadium, which comes under the jurisdiction of Model Town police station. Sushil Kumar has claimed his innocence and said the case is an attempt to defame him falsely.

“The alleged victims in the present matter have criminal antecedents and as the Applicant had asked them to vacate a property belonging to his wife, which they were trying to illegally occupy (after the Applicant made the request, and the property was vacated), they are trying to falsely implicate the Applicant/ Accused,” the plea said.

Earlier, Delhi Police announced a cash prize of ₹1 lakh for providing information on the decorated wrestler. A cash award of ₹50,000 was also announced for Sushil Kumar’s associate Ajay Kumar, who has also been named in the FIR.

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