NHL Parlays

What Is an NHL Parlay?

An NHL parlay is a combination bet, bringing a series of smaller NHL bets together into one single wager. Each bet, which is referred to as a leg in a parlay, must come correct for the parlay to win. It’s a chance to win big on multiple bets without wagering as much as you would if you took them individually.

How Do You Bet on an NHL Parlay?

To make an NHL parlay, you must have at least two bets that you want to play together that are valid options. Once you have at least two bets, there should be an option somewhere to parlay them. When you select it, the bets will have one set of odds and one box to wager on them, meaning you have successfully created a parlay.

Fill your parlay with every bet that you want, submit it, and your parlay will play. An example of an NHL parlay would be taking the Rangers Moneyline and the Predators puck line as your NHL picks, and playing them together.

What Are the Types of NHL Parlays?

Commonly, parlay legs will involve multiple NHL games, NHL picks and NHL teams from the day. However, sportsbooks also offer a bunch of NHL parlays that stray from that formula and are built upon common threads such as star players and big cities.

NHL Same-Game Parlay

An NHL same-game parlay is exactly what it sounds like: a parlay made of legs all from the same game. The legs can revolve around one team, a mix of both, or a certain player. They’ll usually be correlated in some way. For example, you may get Alex Ovechkin over 1.5 points, Washington Capitals over 3.5 goals, and the Capitals moneyline.

Same-game parlays rose to fame through FanDuel initially in the U.S. but can now be found in nearly every sportsbook. A lot of times, they will have a wide selection of premade parlays, tabs dedicated to them, and functions that allow you to manually create a same-game parlay with assistance.

NHL Cross-Sport Parlay

Also self-explanatory, cross-sport parlays take legs from at least two different sports to create a parlay. Sportsbooks will offer them premade, often at better odds than if you were to create them yourself. Because the NHL and NBA seasons are active at the same time, it’s common to find cross-sport parlays between the two leagues.

What Is the Best NHL Parlay Strategy?

Parlays can be very rewarding, but they’re also difficult for even seasoned bettors. It’s the risk inherent with the odds.

Below are some tips so NHL parlays don’t frustrate you and take all of your money.

Watch Your Pockets

For as much as an NHL parlay can payout, if you’re not winning them, you’re losing money. Being aware of how much you can wager, how much you can afford to lose, and your betting trends are good ways to protect yourself from heavy losses.

Take Good Shots

It may seem worth it to go all-out for the eight-leg parlay and win a monstrous amount, but it’s unrealistic consistently. While it may hit every once in a while if you play it enough, it’s more likely to rob you blind in the process. Don’t add too many legs, because the increase in difficulty often leads to losses. Four or fewer is seen as the sweet spot.

Browse Through Sportsbooks

Because sportsbooks are competitive, they offer different odds for everything. One leg of your NHL parlay may have much more favorable odds at a sportsbook you don’t commonly use, which would affect your parlay odds. Don’t be afraid to shop around and get the best odds for your parlay.