What happened to Ned Ashton on General Hospital? Character's fate explored

Ned Ashton with the Quartermaine (Image via Instagram/@wallykurth)
Ned Ashton with the Quartermaine (Image via Instagram/@wallykurth)

Ned Ashton Quartermaine, a character on General Hospital, was first played by Kurt McKinney in 1988 and later by Wally Kurth from 1991 onward. Newer viewers might not be familiar with Ned's dramatic history in Port Charles due to his less frequent appearances.

Kurth returned to General Hospital in April 2014 but left in March 2015 after signing a contract with Days of Our Lives. From his tangled family dynamics to his romantic entanglements, Ned's journey is filled with intrigue and emotion.

So, whether you're a longtime fan or a newcomer to the world of General Hospital, take the time to explore the rich history and compelling character of Ned Ashton Quartermaine.

Exploring Ned Ashton's character on General Hospital

Ned Ashton, son of Tracy Quartermaine and Larry Ashton, initially appeared as Ward at Green Meadow Spa and had an affair with his aunt by marriage, Monica Quartermaine, on General Hospital. After being fired, he moved to Port Charles and pursued Monica's daughter, Dawn Winthrop, but was dumped on their wedding day due to his affair with Monica.

He then married Jenny Eckert, who was protesting against Quartermaine's development, but their marriage failed after her affair with a senator and a miscarriage. Ned later dated Julia Barrett, who was also involved with A.J. Quartermaine, and went into business with Damian Smith, who had mob ties.


In 1993, while pursuing a music career as Eddie Maine, Ned fell for Lois Cerullo and also romanced Katherine Bell. He married both women, but only his marriage to Lois was legal. Lois left him upon discovering the truth. A pregnant Lois, disliking the Quartermaines, didn’t want their child raised around them.

Edward Quartermaine, Ned's grandfather pressured him to focus on business, even stealing L&B Records from him and Lois. When Ned became CEO of ELQ to counter a hostile takeover by Tracy and Jasper Jax Jacks, Lois moved back to Brooklyn with their daughter, Brook Lynn.

Ned's friendship with attorney Alexis Davis turned into a romance, but he married Chloe Morgan (Katherine's cousin) to help her save her company, with Alexis' permission. Alexis married Jax, who loved Chloe, and both couples pretended to be married while being with their true partners in secret.

When the plan was exposed and Chloe lost her company, Ned divorced Chloe and proposed to Alexis. However, Alexis struggled with Eddie Maine's fans and the idea of becoming a Quartermaine, leaving Ned at the altar. Although they later reconciled, they eventually realized their relationship wouldn't work and ended it.

Ned focused on L&B Records and pursued Alexis's long-lost sister, Kristina, both professionally and romantically, despite lingering feelings for Alexis. He agreed to claim the paternity of Alexis's child with Sonny Corinthos to protect the baby from mob threats.


Ned briefly became involved with mobster Faith Rosco but ended things when he realized her dangerous nature. Alexis was convicted of murdering Luis, who threatened her because he believed she was responsible for the death of his brother, Lorenzo Alcazar.

Ned gained custody of his and Alexis's daughter. Alexis disguised herself as the Quartermaine butler, Dobson, to remain close to her daughter. Ned later dated Skye, whom he met at the Quartermines, and she exposed Alexis's disguise.

Ned and Alexis engaged in a bitter custody battle over Kristina, but Ned eventually relinquished custody to Alexis. He returned to ELQ to assist Tracy in recovering from the bankruptcy caused by A.J.'s theft.

When Tracy betrayed him, Ned reopened L&B Records. Ned and Lois remained business partners, and although they didn't revive their romance, they maintained a professional relationship. After Lois left Port Charles, Ned and Brook Lynn followed suit.

Ned returned to Port Charles for significant events, including Edward and A.J.'s deaths. He questioned Tracy's marriage to Luke, sparking family tensions over ELQ leadership. Ned rekindled a romance with Alexis but ended things upon realizing her lingering feelings for Julian.


He then pursued a relationship with Olivia Falconeri, whom he met through mutual connections, but agreed to pretend to be the father of her child to protect her from Julian. Despite Julian discovering the truth later on, Ned clandestinely took the baby out of Port Charles.

Ned and Olivia faced challenges in their relationship on General Hospital, including Ned's departure over Leo's (his stepson's) paternity secrecy and Olivia's rejection of his proposal. They later reconciled and married, but tensions arose when Ned slept with Alexis in a drunken moment. Despite Olivia's anger, they eventually reconciled and officially adopted Leo.

However, Ned faced business struggles and legal issues, including accusations of insider trading. Amidst family and career turmoil, Ned suffered a head injury that led to temporary amnesia, causing him to believe he was his alter ego, Eddie Maine. As Ned navigated this identity crisis, his loved ones grappled with the changes in him.

Final Thoughts

Ned Ashton's journey on General Hospital has been marked by a series of dramatic twists and turns, showcasing his evolution as a character over the years. From his complex relationships with various love interests to his involvement in family feuds and business endeavors, Ned has experienced a multitude of highs and lows.


Despite facing numerous challenges, Ned has demonstrated resilience and growth, ultimately finding love and stability with Olivia Falconeri and their blended family. As his story continues to unfold on General Hospital, viewers can expect further intrigue and excitement from this dynamic character in the ever-unfolding drama of Port Charles.

While Kurth was on a hiatus from General Hospital due to his commitment to filming Days of Our Lives, the actor and his character, Ned, are back as of April 2024. To find out what happens next on General Hospital, tune into ABC or Hulu.

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