Who is Jill’s brother Snapper Foster on The Young and the Restless? Character explored

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Snapper Foster might return to The Young and the Restless (Image via Getty)

With new episodes of The Young and the Restless down the pipeline, people anticipate the return of a popular character from the show. This character is the charismatic and handsome Snapper Foster, who earned the name due to his habit of snapping at everything and everyone.

Snapper Foster is the eldest of the Foster children. His parents are Elizabeth Foster and Bill Foster. His siblings are Greg Foster (brother) and Jill Foster Abbott (adoptive sister). Snapper is married to Chris Brooks, with whom he shares a daughter named Jennifer Elizabeth Foster.

Snapper also shares a kid with Sally McGuire, who he had an affair with while also seeing Chris Brooks. They have a son named Chukie.

Snapper Foster in The Young and the Restless

In the longest-running television soap of all time, The Young and the Restless, Snapper Foster's character is undoubtedly one of the most interesting. Snapper's character has singlehandedly juggled all the problems that one can imagine.

Known for his good looks, Snapper was quite the player when it came to women. In his early days of dating, he juggled between two women at the same time. On one hand, he was seeing Chris Brooks, daughter of newspaper mogul Stuart Brooks, and on the other, he was having an affair with Sally McGuire, a waitress who worked at Pierre's.

After balancing his time between the two for a considerable period, Snapper finally decided to make a choice and pick Chris as his life partner. The two got married but not without problems. This is because by then, his former lover Sally was pregnant with his child; however, Sally decided to keep the information to herself.

Several years later, Sally emerged and entered the life of the Fosters, creating turbulence in their otherwise mostly easygoing marriage. When Chris learned about Chukie, Snapper's child, she was heartbroken and suffered a miscarriage. This incident was followed by her leaving him and taking up a job as a social worker.

Several years later, Chris returned, and the two fostered a kid together. After a few years, they also gave birth to a girl child who they named Jennifer Elizabeth Foster.

Why do the audiences think that Snapper Foster will return to The Young and the Restless?

With Jill in the hospital due to heart-related issues in the latest episodes of The Young and the Restless, audiences are theorizing about the multiple possibilities of Snapper's return. They think Jill's elder brother will be back to tend to her sister's needs as she tries to recover from her ailments.

The claim was further substantiated by a statement made in the latest episode of The Young and the Restless. It was revealed that Jill was being taken care of by Snapper in London. Jill revealed it during a conversation with Billy while she was trying to disclose her heart diagnosis.

Snapper's reappearance in The Young and the Restless would not come off as a surprise because even in earlier instances when his family members are distraught, he has always been by their side. Be it during his mother's health crisis or his estranged father's, Snapper has always been one of the first ones to step up.

You can watch all the latest episodes of The Young and the Restless on CBS.

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