Who is Sasha Gilmore on General Hospital? Character explored

Sofia Mattsson, the actress who portrays Sasha Gilmore on General Hospital, began her role in 2018 (Image via ABC)
Sofia Mattsson, the actress who portrays Sasha Gilmore on General Hospital, began her role in 2018 (Image via ABC)

Played by actress Sofia Mattsson, Sasha Gilmore is a complicated and multi-layered character on the long-running soap opera General Hospital. Sasha's storyline started in 2018 and has many sudden twists and turns that viewers have found captivating.

Sasha's introduction in Port Charles as the purported long-lost daughter of Nina Reeves was cloaked by controversy, revealing that she was part of a scheme by the ruthless Valentin Cassadine. This deception was the beginning of Sasha's stormy road.

Apart from the drama related to her identity at the beginning of Sasha's character, she has also been facing many serious personal problems, including addiction and mental health problems. This ordeal gives more strength to the depiction of her personality, creating a character with dimensions and the capacity for viewers to identify with her within the General Hospital world.

An introduction to Sasha Gilmore on General Hospital


At first, Sasha Gilmore was viewed with suspicion; however, DNA testing proved her paternity and identified her as Nina's biological child. Sasha has encountered many difficulties while appearing on the show, such as problems with addiction and mental health. Her numerous mental health issues have led to worrisome behaviors and even a hospital stay.

Her persona has been involved in many dramatic plots, including one in which Valentin Cassadine tricked her into thinking she was Nina's daughter to further his agenda. In reality, Nina's daughter is Nelle Benson, whose twin sister is Willow Tait. After his wife, Nina Reeves, threatened to divorce him due to some of his dubious activities, Valentin Cassadine was desperate to win her back.

Valentin engaged private investigator Curtis Ashford to look for Nina's long-lost daughter, to whom Nina had given birth years prior. After discovering that Nina's real daughter was missing, Valentin hired Sasha Gilmore to pretend to be Nina's daughter.

He fabricated the results of the maternity test to give the impression that Sasha was Nina's child. After Valentin's plot was successful, Nina was happy to have Valentin back and started getting close to Sasha, who was posing as her daughter. Due to this deceit, Sasha's life experienced severe upheaval, and her relationships with those around her became strained.

Sasha's storylines and controversies on General Hospital


Viewers have been engrossed in several storylines and controversies involving Sasha Gilmore's character on General Hospital. The darker parts of her narrative have been brought to light by these problems, which have not only damaged her relationships but also resulted in public outbursts and legal problems.

Sofia Mattsson's portrayal of Sasha has received praise for its depth and authenticity, despite controversies surrounding the character.

Mattsson discussed her character's extreme torture with Michael Fairman TV and said,

"I believe that is so. Everyone says that. I agree. It's true, but I like it. I love the meaty stuff, so it's okay. But, I'm definitely ready to play some happiness, too."

Sasha's openness and resilience have drawn people in as she gets through the ups and downs of her turbulent life in Port Charles. Sasha Gilmore from General Hospital is thinking of starting over and possibly moving to Austin. Sasha told Cody Bell she wanted to leave Port Charles and be free of the images of her previous blunders.

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