BLACKPINK’s LISA renews her contract with Dentiste as a global ambassador, reportedly worth $4 Million

BLACKPINK’s LISA renews her contract with Dentiste as a global ambassador, reportedly worth $4 Million USD (Image via @dentiste_thailand/Instagram)
BLACKPINK’s LISA renews her contract with Dentiste as a global ambassador, reportedly worth $4 Million USD (Image via @dentiste_thailand/Instagram)

On June 20, 2024, the Thailand media outlet Ktnewsonline reported that BLACKPINK's LISA had renewed her contract with the toothpaste brand Dentiste for $4 million. The publication shared the news through their social media handle on X.

The rapper became the global ambassador for Dentiste on September 14, 2021, and started promoting the brand with the commercial campaign LISA Confident Smile. The campaign aimed to change consumer behavior to use the brand's waterless toothpaste, Anticavity Max Fluoride, and allocated funds of 100-200 million Baht for the commercial. Multiple advertisements with LISA were broadcast offline and online.

Reports suggest that during her 2021 campaign, the idol has increased the sales of the waterless toothpaste product in Thailand and other regions globally.

Dentiste planned to launch an official commercial video featuring BLACKPINK's LISA in July 2024

According to the outlet, BLACKPINK's LISA and the toothpaste brand Dentiste have successfully signed the partnership. She became the global brand ambassador again with an estimated value of 150 million baht (4 Million USD).

The CEO of Siam Health Group and producer of Dentiste and Smooto, Pharmacist Dr. Saengsuk Phithayanukul, confirmed that the negotiations with LISA for a new global ambassador annual contract were successful.

The official announcement by the Dentiste and the new campaign would begin in late July 2024 to expand the brand's visibility and global reach in the countries, including the USA, Europe, and others. The joint launch and campaigns are to be launched and start by the end of July, including the release of an official commercial advertisement video, which is currently in production.

The official launch video is to be released, with multiple advertisement films also expected to be in the production phase. The negotiations between Dentiste and LISA resumed after Lisa's contract with YG Entertainment lapsed. 100+ brands submitted the endorsement proposal to the rapper, but she went forward with the Thai brand.

The news about LISA signing a deal with Dentiste as the global ambassador for the brand circulated on social media, and fans reacted positively. While some expressed pride in the idol's latest move, others bragged about the singer's worldwide influence.

The fandom also observed how the female idol's contracts have been becoming increasingly expensive since she left YG Entertainment and took command of her solo endeavors with Lloud. An X user stated:

The toothpaste brand exports its products to seventeen countries globally and has manufacturing brands in countries, including South Korea, Thailand, Germany, and other regions. They have recently established the Faculty of Pharmacy at the Institute of Entrepreneurship at Ayutthaya (IESA).

Recent activities of BLACKPINK member

Since the beginning of 2024 and after not signing her contract with YG Entertainment in December 2023, the rapper has been in several activities, visiting occasions, signing endorsements, and establishing her label, LLOUD. She headlined the charity event, Le Gala des Pièces Jaunes, which was organized by Brigitte Macron, the First Lady of France, in Paris on January 26, 2024.

Lisa is to make her comeback with ROCKSTAR (Image via @BLACKPINK_LISA/X)
Lisa is to make her comeback with ROCKSTAR (Image via @BLACKPINK_LISA/X)

At the show, she delivered performances of her solo songs, including Money and Lalisa. In April 2021, she signed a partnership with RCA Records, representing her label LLOUD for her solo music. According to the deal, the idol would have complete ownership of all her recordings. She was also at The White Lotus party in Thailand dancing to BLACKPINK's How You Like That.

The rapper has recently created her new TikTok account, where she shared videos teasing fans with her upcoming music which led to a Guinness World Record with her garnering over a million followers within two hours and eighteen minutes.

The idol has confirmed to make her solo comeback with the release of a new single, ROCKSTAR, on June 27, 2024, at 8 pm ET.

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