"Ig they're team Kendrick" — Fans react as 8TURN Seungheon and Minho post a TikTok dance cover of Not Like Us 

8TURN's Seungheon and Minho (Image via X/@8TURN_official)

On Tuesday, May 29, 8TURN's Seungheon and Minho released a TikTok of their dance cover to Kendrick Lamar's recent track, Not Like Us. While K-pop idols participating in TikTok dance challenges are quite common, this particular TikTok video had netizens talking due to the ongoing Rap Beef.

Kendrick Lamar and Drake have been going back and forth with their disses toward each other since April of this year, and this sparked due to an incident that unfolded in 2019. Hence, Kendrick Lamar's Not Like Us was a diss track allegedly directed towards Drake.

Therefore, when 8TURN's Seungheon and Minho released their dance cover for Not Like Us, fans and netizens began to speculate that the K-pop boy group, or at least the two members, had chosen to take Kendrick Lamar's side and allegedly support him among the ongoing Rap Beef.

However, some fans also believe that they chose the song for their dance cover due to a misunderstanding and not to pick sides on the Rap Beef. Since Not Like Us had also been a trending track on TikTok and Instagram Reels, fans believe that the members might've thought of it as a trend and simply participated in the same without knowing the song's intentions or that it contributed to the Rap Beef.

Here's how fans reacted to the dance cover of Not Like Us:

"A tiktok on a kendrick diss???" - said an X user
"Well that's definitely some song choice" - added another X user
"In no timeline could i even predict what song this dance was going to be to" - said a fan on X

On the other hand, fans also found it quite hilarious.

"Tears streaming down my face laughing" - added another fan
"These boys are out of control HAHAAHHA" - said another X user

8TURN's Seungheon and Minho's TikTok dance cover to Kendrick Lamar's Not Like Us sparks a debate

On May 28, following the release of 8TURN's Seungheon and Minho's TikTok dance cover of Kendrick Lamar's Not Like Us, fans were quite shocked and intrigued by the intentions behind the video. On the one hand, fans think the video was released to showcase that either 8TURN or the two members have chosen to side with Kendrick Lamar in the Rap Beef.

On the other hand, fans think that the song choice might not have been intentional. People believe that the members only wanted to take part in the trend and not necessarily side with either Drake or Kendrick Lamar in the Rap Beef. However, given that the video was posted a while ago and 8TURN's agency hasn't deleted it yet, fans believe that it might allude to them taking sides with Kendrick Lamar.

Regardless, nothing has been assured or confirmed. On the other hand, The Rap Beef revolves around a 2019 controversy where Drake invited Kendrick Lamar to collaborate on a song. However, Drake later chose to feature J. Cole, and this song was called First Person Shooter.

This naturally angered Kendrick Lamar. Though this happened in 2019, Kendrick recently brought this up again with the release of Like That, featuring Future and Metro Boomin. He not only dissed Drake but also called out J. Cole for placing himself on the Big Three of Rap among K-Dot and Drizzy through his verse on First Person Shooter.

The back-and-forth diss has finally come to an end after the unfortunate incident of Drake's bodyguard being shot near the rapper's hometown. After this happened, both the rappers have stopped their reign of diss tracks towards each other, naturally wrapping up the Rap Beef.

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