"Let’s release unit albums"- BTS' Kim Namjoon and Jimin talk about potential collaborations of Jungkook X V, Suga X Jin & more in Mini & Moni Music

BTS' Kim Namjoon and Jimin talk about potential collaborations of Jungkook X V, Suga X Jin & more in Mini & Moni Music (Image via BANGTAN TV/YouTube)

BTS' Kim Namjoon, also known as RM, and Jimin talked about the potential collaborations with group members including Jungkook, Kim Taehyung, Suga, Jin, and j-hope in the latest MMM (Mini & Moni Music) episode, which was released on BANGTAN TV YouTube Channel on May 25, 2025.

In the episode, Jimin and BTS' Kim Namjoon talked about the release of unit albums following the discharge of the group members from their mandatory military service. Subsequently, BTS' RM commented:

"Let's release unit albums."

In the latest MMM (Mini and Moni Music), the duo talked about the rapper's recent second full-length studio album, Right Place, Wrong Person.

BTS' Kim Namjoon and Jimin expressed their desire to release Jungkook X V, Suga X Jin unit albums

In the episode, Jimin and RM talked about how things would be different when members return from their mandatory military duty. The duo conversed about the album Right Place, Wrong Person, and ate delicious snacks at Kim Namjoon's house.


RM stated that he had no idea how their concerts would be following their discharge from the military service, citing that they still needed to organize some tours. In response, Jimin agreed to the idol's proposal of holding concerts with group members and stated that after their return from the military service, they should do a song together. The FACE singer stated:

"But as for me, If you need my help, Once we're back, you and I should do a song together."

In response, Kim Namjoon stated that they should do the song together and the group members should collaborate and release unit albums. He mentioned that they could mix up different units within BTS, to which Jimin replied it sounded fun. RM further suggested possible collaborations, including Jungkook X Kim Taehyung, Jimin X RM, Suga X Jin, and j-hope X RM. The rapper commented:

"Let's do that. Let's release unit albums. We can keep mixing up different units within BTS. Jungkook X V, Jimin X RM, Suga X Jin, j-hope X RM."
Members chatting (Image via BANGTAN TV/YouTube)
Members chatting (Image via BANGTAN TV/YouTube)

In response, the Like Crazy singer agreed to Kim Namjoon's proposal and stated that he wanted to collaborate and release unit albums with all the members. He commented that they should feel what they want to feel and re-focus on their endeavors again, citing it as the most important thing.

Soon, the clip from the MMM (Mini and Moni Music) episode went viral on social media, and fans could not stop gushing about the potential release of unit albums. The fandom stated they were eagerly awaiting the release of Taekook (Taehyung and Jungkook), Minimoni (Jimin and RM) subunits, and others. Many also suggested that following their discharge from the military service, each member should release a mini-album with a collaboration track with the other members.

Meanwhile, in the episode, Kim Namjoon also talked about the difficulties faced by the members before the enlistment due to the harsh public opinion. He also confessed that to relieve the ongoing stress, he recorded his thoughts in his latest album, Right Place, Wrong Person. The leader of the group commented:

"We went through a long difficult time. Even when I'd be at a bar, people at the next table would be talking about it without knowing I was there. "Is it right for them to do that? We heard that so much, and just around that time, so many things happened to me personally, and I had a lot on my mind about what I should do. Going through that I just thought I should pour it all out, leave a record, and be as honest as I could be. And I think I was."

The second full-length album, Right Place, Wrong Person was released on May 24, 2024, with LOST! as the leading track. It was released by Bighit Music and distributed by YG Plus and HYBE. The album features eleven tracks, including:

  1. Right People, Wrong Place
  2. Nuts
  3. out of love
  4. Domodachi (feat. Little Simz)
  5. ? (Interlude)
  6. Groin
  7. Heaven
  8. LOST!
  9. Around the world in a day (feat. Moses Sumney)
  10. ㅠㅠ (Credit Roll)
  11. Come back to Me

The members of the BTS, including Kim Namjoon, Jin, Suga, j-hope, Jimin, Kim Taehyung, and Jungkook, are currently enlisted for their mandatory military service and are expected to reunite as a group in 2025.

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