“Sol and Seonjae just keep coming at me like waves” — Kim Hye-yoon reminisces Lovely Runner memories, emotional BTS moments, & more 

Kim Hye-yoon reminisces Lovely Runner memories, recalls emotional BTS moments, & more  (Image via @CJnDrama/Instagram)
Kim Hye-yoon reminisces Lovely Runner memories, recalls emotional BTS moments, & more (Image via @CJnDrama/Instagram)

On May 23, 2024, the media outlet GQ Korea released an interview with the actress Kim Hye-yoon for the magazine's June issue. In the interview, Kim Hye-yoon talked about Lovely Runner memories, recalled some behind-the-scenes moments, and discussed the recent updates in her life.

In conversation with the outlet, the interviewer stated that by the time the issue gets released, the time-travel and romance drama Lovely Runner will end. In response, Kim Hye-soon stated how she missed Im Sol and Ryu Sun-jae's (Lovely Runner's) leading characters.

She confessed that their memories consistently hit her like waves hit the ocean. The actress mentioned, as translated by X user @hellobungz:

"It's so sad. Sol and Seonjae just keep coming at me like waves and thinking that it's going to disappear. But I really can't believe it."

Kim Hye-yoon confessed that Lovely Runner's Im Sol has been very close to her

In the time-travel and comedy drama, Kim Hye-yoon chronicled the character of Im Sol, while Byeon Woo-seok breathed life into the role of Ryu Sun-jae. The duo has been gaining widespread popularity internationally and domestically due to their onscreen chemistry.

In conversation with the outlet, Kim Hye-yoon confessed that her character, Im Sol, has been close to her like a friend for a long time. The actress further stated that while chronicling Im Sol's character, she felt like reading her diary as she and Im Sol passed through their teens, 20s, and 30s. She described it as a mixed feeling.

In response to how the actress cries well in the series, Kim Hye-yoon replied that people around her make it convenient. She also cited how Byeon Woo-seok helped a lot during the filming of Lovely Runner, especially in the scene where she had to cry. Kim Hye-yoon mentioned, as translated by X user @hellobungz:

"Ah! Oh! I think I cry the most out of all the characters I've played. I think I cry a lot because of my deep emotions and romance, but the director directs me delicately, and I cry a lot when I'm with Seonjae, so Seonjae oppa (Byeon Wooseok) helps me a lot every time. I don't know if I cry easily myself, but I think I cried that way thanks to the people around me."

The interviewer also confessed about their favorite scene from Lovely Runner, which made them fall in love with the series. They cited the initial five minutes of the first episode of the series, where Im Sol was lying in the hospital after she was paralyzed due to an unfortunate accident.

While Im Sol expressed her unwillingness to lead a life, Ryu Sun-jae comforted her with kind words, stating, "Thank you for being alive." The outlet confessed that the particular scene made them cry.

In response, Kim Hye-yoon agreed, stated that few people said the same thing, and narrated how she had prepared for the particular scene with much thought. The actress wanted to make the said scene impactful the moment she read about it in the script and, as a result, tried her best to enact the scene as rawly as possible.

Featuring I'm Sol (Image via @CJnDrama/X)
Featuring I'm Sol (Image via @CJnDrama/X)

The actress also expressed her gratitude to the veteran actress Jeong Young-joo, who played her mother's role in the particular scene of episode one. Kim Hye-yoon mentioned, as translated by X user @hellobungz:

"I prepared a lot for that scene because I thought it had to have an impact from the moment I read the script and that it would provide more contrast to what happened with Seonjae that followed. I thought that Sol really had to fall and break down a lot, so my hair came down like this even when I was acting, but I filmed it naturally without removing it and showing my face."

Kim Hye-yoon further elaborated:

"Most of all, I was grateful for my mom, and the energy I felt from Boksoon sunbae-nim (Jeong Youngjoo), who was by my side at the time, was so great that I only had a spoon on top."

Meanwhile, among other things, the Extraordinary You actress also talked about how her cat, Hongshi, has become a favorite part of her life.

Lovely Runner airs every Monday and Tuesday and is available to stream on TVING and Rakuten Viki.

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