Usher's son Naviyd reveals his kpop favorites including LOONA, BLACKPINK, NewJeans, & more on Instagram

Usher's son Naviyd reveals his kpop favorites including LOONA, BLACKPINK, NewJeans, & more on Instagram (Image via Usher and Naviyd Instagram)

On April 25, 2024, Usher's son Naviyd revealed his favorite idols from several K-pop groups, including BLACKPINK, LOONA, NewJeans, and more, on Instagram after he went viral on social media for using his father's account to catch up with female singer PinkPantheress.

Recently, Naviyd stole Usher's phone and used his Instagram to text Pinkantheress and stated:

"Hello, this is Usher's son Naviyd. I'm your true biggest fan, please, follow me back. I put him onto masterpieces."

Soon, his act of stealing Usher's phone and texting the singer went viral among fans on social media, who went through his social media handle. They discovered an Instagram story from his highlight where they spotted K-pop group LOONA's lightstick. The story was shared by Naviyd on January 18, 2024.

Subsequently, many K-pop fans headed to his recent post and questioned his favorite member of the group, to which he replied enthusiastically.

Usher's son Naviyd revealed that BLACKPINK's Jennie and NewJeans' Danielle are his biases

As K-pop fans discovered that he had LOONA's lightstick on Usher's son's Instagram story, they quickly checked out his Instagram following list. They discovered that he follows all the members of the group and also their official accounts, including ARTMS, Loossemble, CCDI, and the pages related to a group such as Chuu Can Do It and others.

They started commenting on his Instagram post, which he shared on April 21, 2024. He was spotted with singer Pink Pantheress and attended her show. The K-pop fandom asked him several questions about his favorite members of female groups, tracks, and much more.

In response to one question about his bias(es)/favorite members from the LOONA, he responded with Chuuves and Choerry. He also revealed that the track Hi High is his favorite title track from the group.

Usher's son further interacted with people from different fandoms, where he revealed his favorite members from NewJeans, TWICE, aespa, BLACKPINK, and others. He responded to fans' questions that Dahyun, Seulgi, Winter, Jennie, Danielle Marsh, and Natty were his favorite members from TWICE, RED VELVET, aespa, BLACKPINK, NewJeans, and Kiss of Life, respectively.

Naviyd also revealed that Chaewon and Yunjin were his favorite members from the girl group LE SSERAFILM and responded to a fan that Wony and Liz were his bias from the band IVE. Usher's son responded to many fans and displayed his vast knowledge of the K-pop industry and the groups. He also knew about the rising band STAYC and revealed Yoon and Sieun were his favorite members, to which fans responded that he had great taste.

Fans' comments' under Usher's son's Instagram post (Image via _naviyd_/Instagram)
Fans' comments' under Usher's son's Instagram post (Image via _naviyd_/Instagram)

He disclosed his favorite songs from NMIXX were Just Did It, Boom, Roller Coaster, Cool, and others.

The K-pop community had fun interacting with Usher's son and was impressed with Naviyd's admiration for the South Korean entertainment industry. Meanwhile, fans were also elated that he got to meet his favorite singer Pink Pantheress, whom he texted via his father's Instagram account.

Usher's son Naviyd also follows the official accounts of prominent K-pop personalities, including Jimin, Kim Taehyung, Kiss of Life, Jennie, ILLIT, Lisa, Yeji, Yuna, Chaeryeong, and others.

Hilarious story of how Naviyd stole his father's phone to text his favorite singer

On April 24, Usher took to his social media account on Instagram, where he shared a story about his son Naviyd's recent witty act. He used his phone to contact his favorite singer, PinkPatheress. He captioned his story saying:

"So a week or so ago, my son, Naviyd, stole my phone so he could DM his favorite artist PinkPantheress. Now I just so happened to check my DMs earlier this past week and saw a message exchange from someone with a Powerpuff girl as their profile pic, so I'm like, the hell is this? I open it, and I'm like, oh, this boy done DMd this girl from my d*mn phone."

In the story, he shared screenshots of his son's message exchange with the female singer. He introduced himself as Usher's son and stated he was PinkPantheress's biggest fan. He asked the female singer to follow him on his Instagram and would introduce the female singer's music to Usher. In response, the female singer responded positively, "Hahaha this is wild!" and stated that she would love to host him and Usher at one of her performances.

Meanwhile, after Usher saw the conversation between PinkPantheress and his son in his Instagram inbox, he quickly apologized to her for his son's messages. He also captioned his updated Instagram story, revealing that he apologized on behalf of his son's excitement and stated that the singer invited him to her show.

Usher's son met his favorite singer, PinkPantheress, as he attended her show on April 21, 2024, and shared a few snippets on his Instagram handle.

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