"We have to do something before BTS returns" - ADOR CEO Min Hee-jin's alleged messages with an executive seemingly confirm HYBE's allegations

HYBE and Min Hee-jin
HYBE and Min Hee-jin's ongoing conflict (Images Via Instagram/@min.hee.jin, @hybeofficialofficial)

ADOR CEO Min Hee-jin's alleged messages reportedly confirm accusations made by HYBE against her. On May 27, TV Daily, a South Korean media agency, claimed to have received messages shared between Hee-jin and her executives allegedly implying the takeover of ADOR management rights.

Previously, HYBE had accused Min Hee-jin and the management of ADOR of attempting to separate the agency from its parent company. They also called for the resignation of Hee-jin from her position as Chief Executive Officer of the subsidiary label ADOR.

TV Daily has revealed that they have “reconstructed” the messages they have received, which implies a confirmation of allegations made by HYBE. In February, Hee-jin reportedly spoke to executive Lee and laid out a plan where they discussed their exit from HYBE while all seven members of BTS would be serving in the military.

The executive Lee suggested:

"We have to do something before BTS returns," translated by Koreaboo

They planned to expose HYBE's alleged chart manipulation and focused the conversation on the corporation’s IT platform illusions and United States sickness, among other things.

The two reportedly discussed executing their plan while the conglomerate would be under fire for the alleged chart manipulation or Sajaegi and win public support through media play.

Furthermore, the ADOR officials also named media outlets and specific journalists and planned to build a network of professionals, including investment firms, competitors, accountants, and more, to privately move forward with their strategy.

ADOR CEO Min Hee-jin allegedly plans a NewJeans buyout from HYBE with executives, meets investors, and more

Previously, Min Hee-jin had denied meeting any outside investors to take over the management rights of ADOR. According to the latest alleged text messages reported by the Korean media agency, in March, Min Hee-jin allegedly planned with her executives to buy out NewJeans from HYBE.

Furthermore, they also discussed the loss they would face along with the estimated amount they would have to pay to take NewJeans. According to the reports, NewJeans' value could exceed over 1 trillion Korean won, and the two ADOR officials discussed the high impossibility of buying the girl group.

The executive Lee then reportedly contacted a PEF company manager regarding an investment firm and its president. The PEF manager at first did not know anything about the firm or the president; however, he said this agency might have money but not enough for ADOR executives’ requirements.

Executive Lee spoke about the suggestions made by the investment firm. He said:

"He also says that it isn’t impossible for a minority stakeholder, who runs the company, to defeat the parent company and the majority stakeholder to become the de facto owners. He says the most important thing is our will to not lose."

To which Min Hee-jin responded:

"That person seems to be in a cloud of hope (not very realistic)." translated by Koreaboo.

The last conversation reportedly shared by TV Daily had the details of Min Hee-jin allegedly suggesting NewJeans’ members’ parents become the whistleblowers. The conversations shared between the officials are yet to be authenticated. Notably, neither Min Hee-jin nor ADOR have made any comments on the matter.

Furthermore, Min Hee-jin's alleged messages with a shaman nicknamed, "Jiyoung 0814", from three back in March 2021 were also reportedly revealed.

Meanwhile, Min Hee-jin filed an injunction against HYBE to prevent them from using their rights as the 80 percent stakeholder in ADOR. The first trial took place on May 17 at the Central District Court in Seoul.

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