The Atypical Family ending explained: How did Bok Nu-ri bring his dad, Gwi-ju, back from the dead? 

The Atypical Family ending explained: How did Bok Nu-ri bring his dad, Gwi-ju, back from the dead? (Images via Instagram/@ jtbcdrama)
The Atypical Family ending explained: How did Bok Nu-ri bring his dad, Gwi-ju, back from the dead? (Images via Instagram/@ jtbcdrama)

The high-stakes scenario in The Atypical Family's last episode is quite a therapeutic getaway, and for once, the families of Gwi-Ju and Da-Hae are seen having fun together rather than putting their heads together. On June 9, 2024, Netflix aired the first episode of The Atypical Family. The show premiered its finale episode 12 on June 9, 2024.

Led by actors Jang Ki-yong as Bok Gwi-ju and Chun Woo-hee as Do Da-hae, the fantasy romance K-drama centers on how Da-hae moves in with a family with superpowers. The Bok family members have superpowers that they somehow lose due to modern issues such as depression, loneliness, anxiety, and more. Bok Gwi-ju has the ability to travel back in time, his mother can look into the future, his sister can fly, and his daughter (In-ah) can read people's minds.

The series hits viewers with a lot of emotional punches while taking them on an emotional rollercoaster. However, in addition to being the most pleasant of the bunch, the last episode of The Atypical Family has its heartbreaking moments such as the death of Gwi-ju. However, the show still ends by giving hope to the fans as Gwi-ju's son Bok Nu-ri, born with a power where he could bring anything from the past, brings back his father, Gwi-ju.

The Atypical Family leaves viewers with teary eyes as Gwi-ju's 5-year-old son travels back in time to bring him back

The superpower of Gwi-ju (Jang Ki-yong) allows him to go back in time to the moments when he was truly happy. However, his power is limited as he fails to touch anything and is unable to change the past. In addition, he is invisible to everyone in the past and finds himself in a helpless position. He can only watch from the sidelines in the past, and before long, he loses his powers and views his superpower as a pointless affliction.

Gwi-ju unexpectedly recovered his abilities and was able to travel back in time after meeting Da-hae. He feels dumbfounded to learn that this time he can only interact with Da-hae by touching and conversing with her. In exchange, Da-hae's previous self can view Gwi-ju (his time-traveling form) whenever Gwi-ju travels back in time. Meanwhile, Gwi-ju decides to go back in past to thirteen years ago, when his colleague died while saving Da-hae during a high school fire.

In The Atypical Family episode 12 (finale), Gwi-Ju is seen having his neck wound checked. The pharmacist advises him that it can take a week for the cut to heal, or it might go away in a day.

After speaking with the doctor, Gwi-ju comes to terms with the fact that his days are limited. His mother, who possesses the ability to see into the future, warns him that trying to save Da-hae by traveling back in time would end in his death. Nevertheless, Gwi-ju is determined to turn back time one last time, rewrite history by saving Da-hae, and undo his colleague's death.

Meanwhile, the Bok family along with Da-hae's sister, mother, and uncle, decides to go to In-ah's school for the cultural festival as In-ah is set to perform on stage. In-ah waits anxiously for her father (Gwi-ju) to arrive and gets impatient over time. She assumes that her father has already gone back to the past and died. However, Gwi-ju arrives at her school on time and cheers for her daughter's dance performance along with the entire family.

After the school performance, Gwi-ju leaves immediately even though Da-hae tries to stop him from going back to the past thirteen years ago. He promises to come back and leaves nonetheless. The Atypical Family episode 12 then shows Gwi-ju's father rushing to Da-hae as he informs her that Gwi-ju's mother, Bok Mann-hm, dream showed her that there would be a fire hazard at In-ah's school at that very moment.

In the next scene of The Atypical Family, Bok Dong-hee's (Claudia Kim) is seen arguing with her ex-fiancé, Ji-han, where he threatens her that he will set the school on fire if she doesn't marry him. Dong-hee humiliates him by calling him a selfish coward and leaves him behind. However, Ji-han accidentally sets the classroom on fire which spreads through the entire school in no time. In-ah gets stuck in the fire and Da-hae rushes to save her but finds themselves stuck.

As the wall is about to fall on the two, Gwi-ju reappears in the present stops it from falling, and asks Da-hae and In-ah to escape. Before escaping, Da-hae pleads Gwi-ju fervently to come back to them and not risk his life by going back into the past. However, Gwi-ju doesn't listen and disappears once again on his crusade to save Da-hae and his colleague thirteen years ago.

Meanwhile, in the past, Gwi-ju appears at the exact moment when Da-hae's high school caught on fire. He rushes to the fifth floor and breaks the door to save the 19-year-old Da-hae by putting an oxygen mask on her. He promises young Da-hae that it is not the end and they will meet again and pushes her out the window to save her. As Da-hae falls from the building, the building blasts, killing Gwi-ju immediately.

The following scene shows the present year (2029), and the Bok family at the columbarium, in front of Gwi-ju's tomb. The Atypical Family episode 12 shows Da-hae playing with her and Gwi-ju's 5-year-old son, Bok Nu-ri, who is also born with a superpower. Bok Nu-ri can go back into the past just like his father, however, he can touch and bring back something from the past with him to the present.

She playfully asks him if he could go back in the past and bring back his father. She shows him the picture of his father, Gwi-ju, and tells her son that 18 years ago (13 years in the past and 5 years from the present timeline), she lost someone very important to her. She stops herself from getting emotional and is about to leave Nu-ri's room, but stops mid-way. She then turns back and sees Nu-ri standing in front of her with Gwi-ju.

Therefore, Nu-ri goes back in time and brings his father to the present before he dies. The Atypical Family ends on a happy and hopeful note emphasising the return of Gwi-ju and the Bok family getting their happy ending. The Atypical Family has 12 episodes and is available on Netflix for global streaming and will likely not be renewed for a second season.

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