"Owen Wilson with the smart response"— Fans praise actor after he declines O.J. Simpson movie with a twist

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A still of Owen Wilson (Image via Getty)

Owen Wilson reportedly turned down a film about O.J. Simpson. The partially-shot project, which is in development, portrays O.J. as innocent of the crime that he was acquitted for.

As controversial as the subject matter sounds, this project is moving forward under the guidance of British director Joshua Newton. Titled The Juice, this alleged satirical thriller will follow an alternate history where O.J. Simpson is actually innocent. Newton wanted Owen Wilson to play the role of attorney Douglas McCann, but the actor outright rejected the offer, sparking a great response from fans.

The casting for this particular part is allegedly holding the project back, despite the director claiming that he has found someone. If things move forward, irrespective of the controversy surrounding the project, it will move forward and maybe even get a release date before this year is over.

What is the Owen Wilson- O.J. Simpson drama all about?

Owen Wilson was reportedly approached by Newton to take on the role of the attorney who gets sucked into the various conspiracies surrounding O.J. Simpson's case. The only big problem with this movie is that it depicts O.J. Simpson as innocent, something that might not sit very well with all viewers.

Simpson was acquitted of the murders of both Brown and Goldman in October 1995. Families of both victims filed a civil lawsuit that found Simpson liable to pay them $33.5 million. US Weekly reports that most of that remained unpaid at the time of Simpon's death.

O.J. Simpson died of cancer earlier this month, at the age of 76.

However, Newton, who is making this "satirical" film about the personality, wanted Wilson to play the role, but Wilson did not entertain this at all. While speaking to the Hollywood Reporter, Newton said,

"Owen Wilson was perfect for the role,...I actually had a meeting with him in Santa Monica. Everybody loved the script. His agent wanted him to do it. We offered him $12 million. But at the end of the lunch, Owen stood up and said, ‘If you think I’m going to take the lead role in a movie about how O.J. didn’t do it, you’ve got to be kidding me.'"

Wilson's outright rejection received much praise on social media platforms like X.

How are fans reacting to Owen Wilson's response to Newton's offer?

Fans were extremely supportive and encouraging of Wilson's response. Most were happy that Wilson was not a part of the movie, and many were also commenting on why this movie was being made at all.

X user @SJTimes13 commented about Wilson's decision:

"Owen Wilson a smart man. This movie sounds awful."

Another user expressed a similar thought, adding:

"Huge Owen Wilson W!!!!"

Another user, meanwhile commented that this was hardly a way of making alternate history movies. User @mjarbo said:

"I, too, like alt-history...but yeah, this ain't it chief."

Another user added to this sentiment:

"What the hell? The people making this movie are asking for it."

Originally titled Nicole & OJ, the film is in production. It stars Boris Kodjoe (Station 19) as O.J. Simpson, opposite Charlotte Kirk (Ocean’s 8) as Nicole Brown Simpson. Director Joshua Newton told the Hollywood Reporter that he’s hoping to complete the movie by October 3, the 29th anniversary of Simpson’s not-guilty verdict.

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