Ryan Reynolds calls Hugh Jackman's Logan "the greatest comic-book adaptation ever made"

A still from Logan (Image via 20th century fox)
A still from Logan (Image via 20th Century Fox)

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman are finally set to collaborate on the third installment of the former's superhero, Deadpool and Wolverine. The film will bring together Sony's loudmouth mercenary and Fox's brooding, indestructible superhero. Interestingly, this film will mark both their entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), which has rapidly expanded over the past decade.

Ahead of the movie's release in July, Reynolds and Jackman have been all around the touring circuit, using various gimmicks to promote the anticipated superhero flick. They also sat down for an interview with Total Film, where the superstars opened up about the upcoming Deadpool and Wolverine and their respective characters in the past.

Ryan Reynolds, who has worked in two critically acclaimed Deadpool movies, drew parallels between his 2016 original and Hugh Jackman's final X-Men movie, Logan, citing that the latter was the "greatest comic-book adaptation ever made."

Reynolds commented:

"The movies were quite congruent with each other at that point...Deadpool was different, and then right after Logan was potentially the greatest comic-book adaptation ever made."

In the same interview, Hugh Jackman recalled how people did not initially have faith in the genre when he first starred as Wolverine. With some even telling him to keep auditioning for other roles, Jackman elaborated:

"We were on the low-tide version of that genre... It'd gone way up with the Batman movies and fizzled out. But when the X-Men came in, people felt like it represented the source material about giving voice to the marginalized... Actually, a couple of people in the industry with their ear to the ground told me, 'Keep auditioning because this thing is dead in the water.'"

Despite the skepticism, the genre developed into one of the biggest in Hollywood. Hugh Jackman continues to play the role 24 years after his first appearance as Logan.

What is Hugh Jackman's Logan all about?

Logan was James Mangold's superhero movie, which acted as the 10th film in the X-Men franchise and the third in Wolverine's trilogy, the latter of which did not see much critical acclaim before Logan was released.

Adapting the comic story of old man Logan, James Mangold delivered a heart-wrenching superhero tale. The film drew parallels with great Westerns of the past, while also maintaining comic accuracy.

Many critics singled out Logan as the greatest superhero movie ever made. The movie also deviated from the past films by adopting a darker and more realistic tone, something that elevated the action to a new degree.

It follows an aging Wolverine (played by Hugh Jackman) and a terminally ill Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart) as they try to save a young mutant named Laura (Dafne Keen), bestowed with mysterious abilities. The synopsis for the movie read:

"Logan comes out of retirement to escort a young mutant named Laura to a safe place. He meets with other mutants, who run from an evil corporation that has been experimenting with them, along the way."

As pointed out by Ryan Reynolds in the latest interview, this movie was heavily praised for being comic-accurate and for its offbeat approach to the genre, something that Deadpool (2016) also did.

Hugh Jackman retired from the role after this movie, which also put an end to his character. However, after years of rumors, the 55-year-old actor has again put on his superhero costume to play the iconic Wolverine in Deadpool and Wolverine.

Deadpool and Wolverine will premiere on July 26, 2024.

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