What role does Glen Powell play in Netflix Hit Man? Characters, actor's preparation and more explored

Glen Powell in Hit Man (2024) Image via Instagram
Glen Powell in Hit Man (2024) Image via Instagram/@glenpowell

Hit Man is a romantic comedy directed by Richard Linklater and written by Glen Powell. Richard Linklater is known for his movies like Boyhood, Dazed and Confused, and Before Sunrise. The film is set to hit the screens on June 7, 2024. Glen plays the role of Gary Johnson, a Houston college professor who works as a police surveillance technician.

Gary takes on the identity of a hitman to infiltrate criminal circles. His double life requires him to balance the moral challenges of law enforcement with the harsh reality of the criminal underworld.

Gary’s intelligence and quick thinking are essential as he navigates these dangerous domains, always staying one step ahead of the criminals he's trying to catch. The film follows Gary Johnson as he enters into dangerous territory when he starts feeling a connection with the woman who hires him.

The trailer for the movie was presented at the Venice International Film Festival and showcases Powell's role as an undercover police officer posing as a hitman. While the film hasn’t been widely released, early reviews on Rotten Tomatoes have praised Powell’s performance and the film’s unique blend of genres.

How did Glen Powell get cast in Hit Man?

Glen Powell's performances in critically acclaimed movies like Top Gun: Maverick and Everybody Wants Some!! have proved his versatility in handling a variety of roles, from comedic and dramatic roles to action-packed scenes. Powell had previously worked with Linklater on Everybody Wants Some!!, where his innate talent and charm won over the filmmaker and captivated the audience.

This long-established strong working relationship between Powell and Linklater paved the way for future projects. Because of this productive collaboration, Powell was Linklater's first choice for the lead role, when he agreed to direct the film. Glen's rising reputation made him a strong candidate for the challenging and dynamic role of Gary Johnson in Hit Man.

Powell’s recent success in the Sydney Sweeney rom-com, Anyone But You, further showcased his leading-man charisma and ability to open a movie.

How did Glen Powell prepare for his role in Hit Man?

Glen Powell prepared for his role as Gary Johnson in Hit Man through a combination of creative exploration and physical transformation. Given the demanding nature of the role, Powell engaged in rigorous physical training which included combat training and workouts tailored to build stamina and strength.

He signed on to star in an A24 revenge thriller, which required him to drop 15 pounds in a matter of weeks. He reluctantly adhered to a specific diet to achieve the desired look, as Gary Johnson is a philosophy professor who moonlights as a pretend hitman in sting operations. The surveillance teams of the New Orleans police department are drawn to his nerdy tech hobby.

Powell explored the theatrical and experimented with wigs, makeup, accents, and fake tattoos. He aimed to embody what he believed a hitman should be, which added a layer of humor to the character. In one scene, his character watches a wig-and-makeup tutorial on YouTube, showcasing his commitment to understanding the role.

Powell further explored the psychology of an undercover cop, studying real-life cases and speaking with law enforcement professionals to understand the details of living a double life. This research played an important role in bringing authenticity to his role as Gary.

What to expect from Hit Man?


Hit Man promises to be a gripping blend of action, drama, and suspense. Given Powell’s preparation and the film’s premise, high-octane action scenes are a given. These will showcase Powell's physical prowess and combat skills. His dual identity adds intrigue and complexity to the story as the film explores themes of identity, morality, and the psychological toll of undercover work.

As he navigates his double life, Gary faces moral dilemmas and dangerous situations. The storyline is set to keep audiences on the edge of their seats, with twists and turns that challenge Gary at every step. The viewers can expect witty dialogue, clever disguises, and moments of vulnerability.

Hit Man is set to hit the screens on June 7, 2024.

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