Dougie B denies robbing 1K from 16-year-old fan after taking a photo with him

Dougie B responded to the accusations of a 16-year-old claiming that the rapper reportedly robbed him (Image via Instagram/dougieb___)
Dougie B responded to the accusations of a 16-year-old claiming that the rapper reportedly robbed him (Image via Instagram/@dougieb___)

Dougie B has responded to the accusations of a 16-year-old fan who allegedly claimed that the rapper robbed him. The fan, active on Instagram under the username @bossedupuniversal, also shared a post about the incident, saying that Dougie stole cash worth $1,000 after clicking a picture.

Meanwhile, Dougie denied the charges in an Instagram Live session. While there are no details available on when the incident reportedly happened, the artist came live on Instagram and said:

"Hey, listen, I'ma explain myself one time again. I did not rob him. I took the picture with him."

Dougie continued saying that he did not rob his fan until the end of the clip and added:

"The demons walk past, seen it. My demons did not do what they did. I did not rob you gang."

As soon as the clip from the live video went viral on different platforms, netizens responded to the same on X (formerly Twitter). A few people refused to believe Dougie B was not involved in the robbery.

"Bum a*ss n*gga got a sheet as a curtain.. he did that sh*t," a user wrote.
"Lol he lying to keep himself safe," another user wrote.
"Dude robbed his only fan," a third user wrote.

Some users also made fun of Dougie B's words in the video.

"Bro said "I did not rob you" then proceeds to say "I will rob all of you,"" a reaction reads.
""I did not rob him, but if you keep saying I did I'll rob you" bruh wild. Get a job," another reaction reads.
"It wasn't me it was a demon," a reaction stated.

Social media users continued to share similar reactions.

"He made this video to confirm that he robbed him…" a user mentioned.
"He definitely did it smh," a second user mentioned.

16-year-old claimed he was a big fan of Dougie B: Instagram post and other details explained

The Bronx, New York, native has gained recognition over the years for his projects such as Mad Max, Doomsday, and Kill Em With Kindness. However, a 16-year-old fan claimed, around two days ago, that the rapper reportedly robbed him. The fan shared an Instagram post about the same.

The person wrote that he requested Dougie B for a photo, adding that he had been a fan of Dougie and his music. He added:

"After the picture we chopped it up and he gave me his # and than said let's take another video and asked me if I had money to show up for the video, I didn't think much of it because he's my favorite rapper, right after the video was taken, his entire character and he snatched the money out my hand and threatened me to "boom" me if I said or tried to do something."

The fan expressed his shock in the later part of the post, saying that the money stolen from him was all he had in possession at that point. He revealed that he had nothing left to get a haircut or return home, and referred to Dougie by writing:

"Dougie I need that money back bro I'm only 16 years old so $1k is a lot to me right now, I need to take care of my lil sis."

While Dougie B has already replied to the accusations in a live video, the fan has not shared any response from his side until now. Further updates are currently awaited.

Edited by Ivanna Lalsangzuali
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