How old was Tupac Shakur when he died? Foxy Brown reportedly eyed as a witness in the rapper’s trial case against Keefe D

Tupac Shakur died at the age of 25. (Image via Instagram/ 2pac)
Tupac Shakur died at the age of 25. (Image via Instagram/ 2pac)

American rapper Foxy Brown is reportedly the prosecution’s main witness in the upcoming murder trial of late rapper, Tupac Shakur, who passed away in September 1996. Shakur aka 2Pac died during a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas at the age of 25.

The U.S. Sun reported on June 8 that apart from Foxy Brown, 2Pac’s former gang member Duane “Keefe D” Davis is set to be tried for the 27-year-old murder case. Notably, the prosecution’s multiple informants claimed that they saw Foxy Brown and Keefe D together in Las Vegas on the same night. Thus, she can provide valuable insights and testimony to the case.

Over the years, it was alleged that Keefe D and a few others hung out with Tupac Shakur on the night of his murder, which the defendant had recently denied.

Tupac Shakur’s murder trial has been delayed until November 2024

New developments, including key witnesses and pieces of evidence, have postponed the murder trial of Tupac Shakur from June to November 2024. For instance, Keefe D has been arrested and charged with the 2003 murder of 2Pac and Foxy Brown has been asked to testify against him.

According to the court documents obtained by AP News, Tupac Shakur was in the passenger seat of his black BMW driven by his associate and former record executive, Suge Knight, on September 7, 1996, in Las Vegas. A white Cadillac pulled over on their right side and began shooting injuring both 2Pac and Knight. While the latter survived, the former passed away a week later.

The police and the prosecution’s evidence and witnesses place the key and only remaining suspect, Keefe D, at the crime scene alongside three others including Terrance Brown, Deandre Smith, and Orlando Anderson, all of whom are now dead. Keefe D was arrested and indicted in September 2023, two months after his Las Vegas home was raided.

The 60-year-old Keefe D is currently being charged with several felony counts. It includes the use of a deadly weapon with the intent to promote, further, or assist a criminal street gang, providing the weapon used, and murder with gang enhancement. The former South Side Compton Crips member has also been accused of orchestrating the killing of Tupac Shakur.

For those unaware, on the night of his murder, the Me Against the World rapper was in the Las Vegas strip to watch Mike Tyson's boxing match where he allegedly met with Keefe D and company. They got involved in a heated altercation regarding their respective dominance in the hip-hop genre.

Not only that but 2Pac reportedly jumped the West Coast members and it is believed that they killed him in retaliation.

Currently, Keefe D remains behind bars awaiting the trial and is set to appear before the court in mid-October. Previously, he admitted being in the car alongside the other now-deceased suspects on the night of the incident. However, recently his lawyers provided defense that there’s no evidence he was even in Las Vegas on that night.

Meanwhile, reports have it that rapper Foxy Brown is being eyed by the prosecution to testify against Keefe D, as she was allegedly with him on that fateful night. A source within the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department told The U.S. Sun:

"There are secret and delicate conversations going on about Foxy being a witness at the trial. She could prove vital in taking the stand or even making a statement about her recollection of being around the men, who claim they were in her company for a short while before they set off to murder Tupac."

The insider further added how Foxy Brown’s involvement in the trial will be “central” only if “she has any recollection of Keefe” from the night of the incident. The spokesperson also explained that Brown agreeing to take the stand would mean she has to face the limelight, which she may or may not opt for, considering her own brush with the law in the past.

Notably, in his 2019 memoir Compton Street Legend, Keefe D claimed that Foxy Brown was present when late New York City socialite Eric “Zip” Martin provided a gun to Keefe D’s late nephew, Orlando Anderson, who was Pac’s suspected shooter. However, since he has been charged, Keefe D has claimed that his story was a lie.

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