Romeo Miller car accident: Rapper shares update about extensive neck and spine injuries suffered in crash that happened months ago 

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American rapper Romeo Miller opened up about a nasty car accident, on his Instagram story, on Monday, May 13, 2024. He stated the aftermath of the accident that took place at the beginning of the year. Miller said that while he sustained some serious neck injuries, he is now in the healing process.

He captioned one of the photos posted on his Instagram story, asking people to be patient with him. The rapper also revealed that he is doing fine, after a spinal procedure and is healing. On May 1, Miller spoke about the "horrific" accident, through an Instagram post, whose caption read,

"The first few weeks started off with a bang! And then I was involved in a horrific car accident on the freeway."

Actor and rapper Romeo Miller revealed that he is healing from the serious car accident he was in, at the beginning of 2024

Romeo Miller talked about his neck and spine injury sustained in a horrific car accident he met with, at the beginning of this year. In a recent Instagram story, The rapper posted his photos of the injury and his healing process. In one photo, he was seen with an IV tube attached to his arm, where he wrote,

"Time for the good stuff [sweating emoji, sleeping emoji]."

In another image, his bandaged back could be seen with the caption,

"After not being able to walk this past weekend. Back to get spinal/neck work. Thought I was done with procedures but was assured this healing process of getting a fully healthy neck and back after my accident will be a marathon."

He added:

"So fam and friends be patient with me. Didn’t have time to text back everybody it real time, but today was a success. And I’m good and resting now. Onward and upward!"

He further added that he was unable to walk, as a result of the accident. In a post uploaded on Instagram, Romeo Miller captioned it with the details of the incident that had taken place. He added that while he and his cousin had been involved in the wreck, they both survived. However, he was left with some critical injuries to the spine and neck.

Miller shared how things got difficult for him due to the head injuries sustained in the horrific accident. The procedures helped him get back to his normal life. Romeo Miller further added some spiritual insights in the caption of the same post. According to the caption, during the process of healing, it wasn't just his body that needed to be healed but his "mind and spirit" too.

Miller wrote that at the beginning of the year, he resolved to stay the fittest and strongest all year. He stated that while the year started on a great note, it took a tragic turn after the accident hit. He, however, eventually believed that God had actually framed the circumstances in a way that would make him stronger. He wrote,

"All movement is not forward and nothing ever grows without a seed. I asked to become my strongest, and God did just that. I see even better now. The signs are everywhere. Joshua 1:9."

The rapper further added that a lot of information about the accident or the healing wasn't shared initially and was kept private. According to Miller, he waited to talk about it only after getting a little better.

Romeo Miller was involved in another serious accident about a decade back

Netizens have shared prayers and good wishes to Romeo Miller for his speedy recovery. One might recall another horrific incident that Miller was in, after the current accident. In 2013, the rapper was involved in another serious car accident. It was then reported that the accident was so serious, that it could have turned fatal as well.

TMZ then reported that Romeo Miller was a passenger in the car that was impacted by the accident. He also shared photos of the horrific wreckage on Instagram back then. Fortunately, he survived and sustained only a few bruises on the body. Romeo Miller also told the news outlet,

"I could have been gone. I got into a collision, 70 mph, on my side of the car."

He explained how happy he was to just have survived because the impact could have been even worse. He said,

"I just made my twenty-fourth birthday, and I was about to be gone just a week later. I’m very grateful."

Fans are now hoping that the rapper heals soon and bounces back to good health. No further details about the accident have been shared by the rapper, as of now.

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