"The hammer was on me" — Linda Perry opens up about getting double mastectomy after breast cancer diagnosis

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Linda Perry opened up on her breast cancer diagnosis and how she underwent a double mastectomy (Image via Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Linda Perry recently spoke about her struggle with breast cancer in an interview with People magazine. The singer was diagnosed in 2021 and had to undergo a double mastectomy. She said that she was lucky that she could get the diagnosis in the early stages since this does not happen in other cases.

The songwriter stated that she was thankful since she could go for the surgery and that she was also given the option of radiation therapy. She mentioned that although the diagnosis came out at the time when she was working on Let It Die Here, she decided not to discontinue filming and added:

"The hammer was on me, and this happened in real time. I remember calling Don and going, 'You're not going to believe this.' And he's like, 'Well, do you want to talk about it?' And I'm like, 'Well, we're in it. Let's just do it."

Linda Perry revealed that while she spoke to the doctor, she told her that in cases similar to hers, patients usually get diagnosed when they have six months or two years to live and continued:

"And I would've never found it, and I would've never done anything about it when I started feeling off, because I would've thought it was because of my mom and the stressful situation I was under."

The record producer said in the end that she does not feel the pressure to "be the best" anymore. She stated that she would try to save anyone if possible, and she wishes to bring out her best self.

Linda Perry is planning to release a self-titled album for her fans: Interview statement and other details explained

The Springfield, Massachusetts, native has been in the headlines after the premiere of her documentary at the Tribeca Film Festival on June 6, 2024, titled Linda Perry: Let It Die Here. Meanwhile, the musician is currently preparing to release a self-titled album for the first time in her career.

Perry addressed the same in an interview with Rolling Stone Music Now on June 11, 2024, saying that she once lost her ability to write something for herself since she was involved with other things. She said that her mother's death opened the possibility for her to write again and added:

"The gift that she left to me was helping me find my words and my feelings, because I have been on a songwriting frenzy. I've just been writing and writing."

The 59-year-old also spoke up about the problems with music in today's world, saying that the "art to recording" is missing. She mentioned that people have been working to "correct really beautiful mistakes," adding that she has the same problem. She also said:

"And then they're also trying to make really bad songs sound good with overdone production and they're taking really great songs and ruining them by overproducing them as well."

Linda Perry additionally stated that she has a lot of respect for Beyoncé and Taylor Swift. She said that the former has released a country album that needs a "lot of guts" and praised Swift for being able to build a successful career at a time when she was only 12.

While Linda Perry confirmed her plans to record her self-titled album, she has not teased anything else, including a release date.

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