"The results still won't change": Internet reacts to viral images claiming Kendrick Lamar wears high heels 

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Internet reacts to DJ Akademiks' post claiming Kendrick Lamar wears high heels. (Image via Getty Images/Kevin Winter)

DJ Akademiks recently posted some pictures claiming fans were rendered “speechless” after noticing Kendrick Lamar wear heels. That comes after Drake and Lamar’s diss battle likely ended earlier this month.

Livingston Allen aka DJ Akademiks has been among the streamers who thoroughly followed their beef and shared commentary on it. He previously admitted to not feeling happy about The Compton rapper’s win in the rap battle and continued taking jabs at Lamar whenever he could.

Nevertheless, his latest attempt at poking fun at Lamar didn't go as planned. Akademiks took to Instagram and X on May 21 and shared four photos of Lamar’s shoes. The pictures were cropped in half and only captured the bottoms and shoes. So, it is unclear whether it really was the "Not Like Us" hitmaker in those images.

While a few made fun of Kendrick Lamar's height in the comments, the rapper's fans soon hit back at DJ Akademiks.

"The results still won’t change", commented X user @8VIIGary
"All that to be 5’6” is wild", quipped @IceLagoonTune

DJ Akademiks roasted by fans over supposed photos of Kendrick Lamar's shoes

Despite Drake and Lamar not engaging in further back-and-forth rap spat between themselves, several other artists kept the discussion going as they brought up Lamar and Drizzy on several occasions.

However, Kendrick Lamar's fans soon came to the rapper's defense under DJ Akademiks' post on Tuesday and questioned why none of the pictures showed his face.

Others noted the shoes in the pictures were not heels but boots and Nike Shox shoes. Some roasted DJ Akademiks for being reluctant to accept Drake's defeat and taking petty means to drag Lamar.

"Have you guys spent so much time inside glazing a weirdo that you've never seen "Boots"", commented @nopeify
"Ya'll wanna call the other shoes heels fine, but those Nike Shox are not heels.", wrote @b1s
"Where are the high heels? Did you forget to post them?", joked @___Taurean___
"Why none the pics show Kendrick’s face?", quested another user @richoffthrift
"Your fav lost real hard. Now you talking about shoes", commented @iam_prodigy01
"He's still taller than you", roasted @AceGabbana13
"Drake lost. Worry about other rappers now", wrote @Klute_

A Community Note was also added under DJ Akademiks' X post, clarifying that none of the shoes in the pictures were high heels. One of them is Nike Shox and the other three are regular boots.

Kendrick Lamar’s fans were seemingly annoyed because of how Akademiks captioned the post. As he claimed “fans” were shocked after learning Kendrick wears heels, Lamar’s fans noted that nothing like that happened and that the post was entirely made from the streamer’s individual purview.

Some users also pointed out that DJ Akademiks should not be taking shots at others, given the recent allegations that were brought up against him.

Last week, the streamer’s alleged former girlfriend Fauziya Abashe filed a s*xual assault lawsuit against him. Although the rapper denied the claims and said the police had already assured him he would not be charged, several netizens did not believe his words.

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