"We all apologize after we get caught" — Michael Blackson lists the only ways for Diddy to redeem himself after Cassie Ventura video

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Ghanaian actor and comedian Michael Blackson spoke about rapper Sean "Combs" Diddy in a recent interview published by The Art of Dialogue on June 19, 2024. Addressing the viral footage that captured Diddy allegedly assaulting former girlfriend Cassie Ventura, Blackson shared his views on the rapper's current reputation in the public eye.

"The video was very hard to watch, very hard to watch. Y’know, and then, of course, after the video, he had to apologize, but of course he had to — we all apologize after we get caught. I used to cheat all the time and I denied it; as soon as I got caught, I was like, ‘Oh sh*t, I’m sorry I did it.'"

The comedian added how difficult it was for him to watch the assault footage.

Comedian Michael Blackson shared his views on Diddy and CNN obtained assault footage

Michael Blackson shared that he found it difficult to watch the footage of the American rapper allegedly assaulting Cassie Ventura. The comedian continued:

"I saw the video, man. And the thing about it is, like, everything else was speculations […] whether his s*xuality, everything he was doing, s*x trafficking — all of that was all speculation, but when you saw the video, you're like, 'If he could do this, he's capable of anything.'"

In the latest interview, the comedian further spoke about what he feels the rapper could do to compensate for his "wrongdoings." Blackson explained three ways that Sean "Diddy" Combs can remedy what he reportedly did. Blackson continued:

"There’s probably three ways [for him] coming back to life. Probably the Nation Of Islam — number one, probably, right? Y’know, go out there, got talk to [Louis] Farrakhan, join the team..."

He further added,

"Two, just join the LGBTQIE [sic] — I’m not sure if I missed any letters or not. Join them […] Turn into a pastor [or] something; turn into a Ma$e. Y’know, become a pastor, or just pack this sh*t and go to some village somewhere and change your name."

Blackson, however, isn't the first celebrity to slam Diddy, as of now. Last month, Aubrey O’Day criticized the apology video that the mogul posted after the Cassie Ventura assault footage went viral. O'Day highlighted that while the rapper had seemingly taken accountability for his actions related to Ventura after the video appeared, he had denied the same allegations last year.

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