Is Diddy a college dropout? Rapper’s history with Howard University explored in light of Rolling Stones exposé

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Amid all the allegations against Sean "Diddy" Combs, it has been brought to light that Rolling Stone conducted a six-month-long investigation to look into the rapper's background. The investigation reportedly included interviews with several people who had been somehow connected to Combs throughout his career.

Diddy reportedly dropped out of college in 1990 after only two years, having enrolled to study business. In 2014, however, Combs received an honorary degree from the college during a graduation ceremony. On October 20, 2023, he reportedly gifted the college $1 million.

In the recent investigation by Rolling Stone, whose report was published on Tuesday, May 28, several details about the mogul have allegedly been uncovered. The investigation discovered that his record of physical abuse dates back to the time he was in Howard.

Diddy who is a college dropout, was allegedly a "predator," as found through the interviews by Rolling Stone

The revelations made by Rolling Stone through several interviews over the past six months have shocked people, amid the recent abuse allegations against Diddy. The interviews included people from the stretch of his life when he was studying at Howard University.

As per several people who had a conversation with the outlet, Diddy was known as someone who was a "fun-loving party host to hide a volatile temper and disturbing, narcissistic behavior for decades."

In college, he reportedly became widely popular for throwing parties every week. One individual, reportedly his classmate, told Rolling Stone that one night, Combs came outside the women's dorm and began yelling for a girlfriend. It further created chaos among the women living there, as per claims. According to the classmate, another student was heard saying:

"Puff is out here acting crazy. He’s beating her."

Another fellow student who allegedly witnessed the entire incident said:

"He screamed and hollered and acted a stone fool until she came downstairs."

While wanting to stay anonymous, the classmate who witnessed it revealed that Diddy seemed quite angry at the time and reportedly used a belt to hit the girl. The witness further told Rolling Stone:

"She was trying to defend herself a little bit. She was crying. And we were telling him, ‘Get off of her.’ We were screaming for her."

While the incident was corroborated by a third student, the alleged girl in the context, who was beaten up, denied talking to the outlet. While receiving his honorary degree from the college in 2014, the rapper said in his speech:

"I was all a dream, I used to read Word Up! Magazine, and then I went and enrolled into Howard University."

He further spoke about all the ups and downs in life that he had to go through over the years.

"When you're in that darkness... the only way out is to step forward, to face your fears, to become your own light," he added.

Diddy reportedly was not liked by his co-workers

The Rolling Stone exposé reportedly discovered a lot of other gruesome details about Combs' past, where he had been allegedly aggressive on multiple occasions.

The rapper, who was a part of Bad Boy Records, also received criticism then. His co-workers expressed unhappiness with him and further believed that they got blacklisted because of him.

Mark Curry, who was with the company from 1997 until 2006, revealed to the outlet that while Diddy always promised to release his debut album, he never allotted a significant budget for that. Curry further said:

"There’s different ways you can kill a person. You can kill them by the experience. You can physically kill them. I’ve noticed him kill a lot of people’s spirits."

Another former employee claimed:

"He’s someone you don’t want to make an enemy out of. When people do go against him, that person gets ostracized."

The rapper was known as a "demanding boss" and someone who used to fire people on a whimsical basis. Certain sources spoke to the outlet and claimed that Diddy touched levels of desperation to be successful shortly after the murder of The Notorious B.I.G. in 1997.

It has also been alleged that Biggie was planning to leave the company shortly before he died and was also dealing with Diddy's lawyers over publishing rights. Photographer Monique Bunn said:

"[Biggie] was absolutely about to leave Puff. I know for a fact [because] he told me that."

Adding to the revelations that Rolling Stone reportedly made, it was discovered that Diddy had difficulties letting go. Damien Vasquez, a former intern at Bad Boy Records, claimed that during his breakup with Jennifer Lopez, he had staffers stay outside the sets of MTV's Total Request Live, just to win her back. Mark Curry gave further insights into the relationship between Diddy and Kim Porter.

"If you live around them, you get to see the toxic relationship.… I think every relationship he had that I experienced around him was like that," he said.

These revelations have come after a series of lawsuits were filed against the rapper.

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