Where is Rick Ross' Promise Land estate located? Rapper applies for zoo license, adds elephants and giraffes to his property

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Rick Ross applies for zoo license, adds elephants to Promise Land (Image via Getty)

Multi-platinum recording artist Rick Ross has taken a groundbreaking step by applying for a zoo license for his expansive estate, Promise Land, located in Fayetteville, Georgia.

On June 6, 2024, Ross, also known as Rozay, took to his Instagram story to reveal that he had officially applied for the license and is waiting for two elephants to be transported to his estate. In a series of Instagram stories, the rapper announced that Promise Land should be ready.

"I just ordered two elephants, two elephants, a male and a female. Promise Land, get ready," Ross said.

Exploring the locale and story of Rick Ross' famous Promise Land estate

Situated amidst the lush landscapes of Georgia, Rick Ross' Promise Land estate spans hundreds of acres of pristine countryside. The mansion previously belonged to Evander Holyfield, boxing heavyweight champion.

One fateful day, while driving past, he noticed a red "For Sale" sign. Without hesitation, he made a U-turn and seized the opportunity to acquire the iconic estate.

"I looked at every curve and every up and downhill on the lawn. I was looking at the geese as I rolled by. I did that for years until one day, I saw the red for-sale sign on the gate and made a U-turn," Rozay said.

The rapper bought the house in 2014 in a bid for $5.9 million. According to Architectural Digest reports, Rozay purchased the adjacent land for $100,000.

In February 2023, during an interview with Dwyane Wade on The Why podcast, Rick Ross revealed that his mansion is now estimated to be over $30 million.

"When I bought the Promise Land, I paid $5.9 million for it. It was estimated at over $30 million the last time we had it [appraised]," the rapper revealed.

In a 2021 interview with Forbes, Rick Ross shared insights about acquiring the illustrious mansion. He revealed that after relocating to Georgia in 2008, he strategically purchased a property nearby, allowing him to view Promise Land daily.

According to Architectural Digest, Promise Land, originally built in 1994, has over 100 rooms, a huge dining area that can accommodate 100 guests, a massive 350,000-gallon pool, and an overall mansion measuring 45,000 square feet. Rick Ross has hosted many events in his mansion, including the annual Car and Bike Show.

Music mogul Rick Ross expands Promise Land estate with exotic zoo animals

Rozay revealed on his Instagram story about the zoo license (Image via Instagram/@richforever)
Rozay revealed on his Instagram story about the zoo license (Image via Instagram/@richforever)

In an Instagram story on Thursday, Ross announced that he had applied for a zoo license. This marks a significant expansion of Ross's already impressive property, Promise Land, which will now include exotic animals, including elephants and giraffes.

Explaining the reason for filing the license, the rapper suggested that he wants to nurture the two elephants he owns.

"I'm a have and own two elephants that I can take care of and nurture that's why I've already filed for my Zoo license," Rozay said on Instagram.

Rozay added that he is also buying giraffes and humorously suggested that to feed his giraffes, the onlookers will have to climb up high.

"It takes time, but guess what I am buying right now? Two giraffes. You going to have to climb up somewhere real tall to feed them things."

As per Revolt, Rozay began building his zoo in Promise Land in 2022 when his business partners at Ethika gifted the rapper two giant buffalos. At that time, Rick Ross shared his excitement on Instagram, suggesting it was his "dream come true" moment.

"I'm ready for it right now. I'm happier than a muthaf*cka! This a dream come true for Rozay. You know what this is for a young boy from Carol City to have horses and now a big boy?" Rozay on Instagram.

In May 2022, he also shared a clip of a lion and lioness on Instagram, saying that the pair is ready to come "home."

The details of further processing of Ross's zoo license application have yet to be revealed.

Edited by Shreya Das
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