What was Foolio's last Instagram Story? Rapper provided address to Airbnb where he celebrated his birthday before being shot dead

What was Foolio
What was Foolio's last Instagram story? (Image via Instagram/ @julio_foolio)

Florida rapper Foolio aka Charles Jones was shot dead on June 23, 2024, in Tampa, Florida as confirmed by his lawyer. As per NBC, police were called to a hotel located in uptown Tampa after they received reports of the shooting, and they pronounced the rapper dead. In addition to the rapper, three more victims were found at the scene and were taken to the hospital for treatment.

Charles Jones passed away shortly after celebrating his 26th birthday, the updates of which he posted on Instagram stories hours before his demise. Additionally, the rapper also asked people to DM him to know the address of his party. DJ Akademics posted the rapper's story via X:

The rapper also informed his fans that since there were too many people inside the Airbnb where he hosted his party, the police kicked the partygoers out and they shifted to a Holiday Inn. It was near the Holiday Inn that the perpetrators ambushed the rapper and shot him dead.

"God thank you for allowing me to see another Year"- Foolio tweeted on his birthday

On June 14, 2024, Foolio posted the announcement of his Airbnb pool party, and on his birthday, the rapper made an appreciation post for all the wishes he had received. In the tweet, he mentioned:

"God thank you for allowing me to see another Year & To celebrate another birthday 🥳🤞✊💕"

While the police are conducting the investigation into the rapper's shooting and haven't released the names of any suspects yet, Charles Jones indicated a threat to his life via tweets and Instagram posts multiple times. In a recent instance on June 11, 2024, the rapper tweeted:

"I wanna vent, but I kno it ain’t safe"

Additionally, in April 2024, the rapper took to Instagram to announce his album Ressurection wherein he mentioned that god has been trying to send him a message, given that there have been multiple attempts on his life but he kept surviving.

Before the recent instance of shooting that took place in Tampa, an attempt at the rapper's life was made in October 2023. According to First Coast News, the rapper was shot in the foot near the 3100 block of 18th Street W, Jacksonville.

He was also part of a shooting that took place on November 8, 2021, the updates of which he gave in an Instagram Live.

As per First Coast News, Foolio told his fans in an Instagram Live in November 2021:

"I shot back in self-defense. My gun is registered. If I did something illegal, the police would put me in jail. A ni**a did miss 100 shoots though. They must have thought I was lackin’ for sure."

Foolio's crew KTA has been in a long-standing rivalry with Yungeen Ace's crew ATK, and the rivalry has claimed the lives of many people on both ends.

The rapper's girlfriend Mani also took to X to express her emotions over the passing away of her boyfriend wherein she mentioned:

"Y’all took my boyfriend from me. I hate y’all & I won’t be the only one crying 💔"

In other news, Yungeen Ace released the music video of his song Do It, hours after the news of Foolio's death came out. However, Ace got slammed by fans for allegedly celebrating the death of his rival.

Edited by Prem Deshpande
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