Where does Billie Eilish record her music? Singer has openly talked about her "anxiety" of recording studios

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Billie Eilish is known to stand out for doing things her way. Be it her fashion style or hair color, the What Was I Made For? singer has always opposed conventions; the same is true when it comes to her music recording process.

Eilish's first-ever song, Ocean Eyes, was recorded in the bedroom of their parents' home. While the song, written and produced by Finneas, was not meant to gain any commercial success but was simply a gift to Billie's dance instructor, the siblings continued to prefer home recordings to studios for their future projects as well.

Speaking on Apple Music's New Music Daily in 2022 about the surprise release of her EP, Billie Eilish confessed how being in a recording studio gave her "social anxiety" and was something she could never enjoy.

Both Billie Eilish's first and second studio albums were recorded at her home studios

Billie Eilish's debut studio album, WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?, was recorded in the two-bedroom apartment the singer had been raised in. Revisiting the experience of recording it in an interview with Headliner Magazine, Finneas described how the process was incredibly simple.

The duo sat on their bed, legs folded, with Finneas passing Billie the mic as she recorded every vocal in the album with ease. Looking back at it, the producer-songwriter admitted:

"There’s such a private feeling to what we’re doing because we’re not at a recording studio where different people are there every day; it’s our house and it’s where we live."

Once the songs were recorded, pre-compressed, and pre-panned, the tracks were forwarded to John Greenham (mastering engineer) and Rob Kinelski (mixer) to make them more balanced. Kinelski walked the interviewers through the next step of the editing process, saying:

"Most of the natural magic is on their end — my job is to help them finish, keep things cohesive, and address any problems that may arise. Sometimes that means not fixing the problems, if you know what I mean. Sometimes you have to let that energy breathe."

The home-recorded album, released in March 2019, went on to peak at No. 1 on the US Billboard 200 album chart that year and also ended up winning Billie Eilish 5 Grammys the following year, four of which were from the big-four categories.

Following suit, the sibling duo also recorded Eilish's second album, Happier Than Ever, at home. Only this time, the recordings took place in the basement studio of Finneas' new home in the Loz Feliz neighborhood of LA.

In an Instagram post talking about the album, Billie Eilish mentioned how it was "the most satisfying and profound experience" she had had with music.

Elsewhere in Apple Music's New Music Daily episode, Eilish revealed that recording in a studio freaked her out, further saying:

"I don’t like the vibe of studios, I really have never liked the vibe of studios. There’s no windows, it smells like weed, like…There’s other artists there, you bump into them, you look stupid and then you’re embarrassed that they saw you look stupid. I don’t know. It freaks me out. It, like, truly gives me social anxiety to be in a studio…Yeah, no, it’s not my gig. I don’t enjoy it."

In line with her first two albums, Eilish's third studio album, Hit Me Hard and Soft, was also home-recorded. The album, which contains 10 tracks, was released on May 17, and its accompanying world tour will kick off later this year, in September.

Billie Eilish has released the music video for only one of the album's tracks, Lunch, which has amassed over 27 million views within 3 weeks of its upload. Whether or not the bury a friend singer drops music videos for other tracks remains to be seen.

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