"Alex Ovechkin is Putin's bottom bit*h" - Fans flame Capitals star after receiving award from Russian Prez

"Alex Ovechkin is Putin
"Alex Ovechkin is Putin's bottom bit*h": Fans flame Capitals star after receiving award from Russian Prez

The recent announcement of Russian President Vladimir Putin awarding Alex Ovechkin, the iconic NHL player, with the Gratitude of the President of the Russian Federation has sparked varied reactions among NHL fans, particularly on Reddit.

As news of the award circulated, fans took to the Reddit to express their thoughts on the development, shedding light on the intersection of sports and politics. Let's delve into some of the notable reactions shared by fans.

One Reddit user voiced a concern commonly shared by those critical of Putin's involvement in sports:

"Just another instance of Putin and his regime using sports as a tool in his politics. Which just makes all the 'keep politics out of sports'-people look foolish."

Some fans focused their attention on the geography of the situation, with one remarking:

"Putin must've laughed pretty damn hard when Ovi wound up as close to DC as possible."

Additionally, the conversation on Reddit revealed a fan's concern for Ovechkin's pursuit of Wayne Gretzky's goal record:

"Here's to hoping he never takes the goal record away from Gretzky."

Another said:

"Ovechkin is Putin's bottom b****. Disgraceful human being."

The diverse reactions from fans on Reddit provide a glimpse into the range of opinions surrounding Putin awarding Alex Ovechkin.

Connection between NHL player Alex Ovechkin and Russian President Vladimir Putin

Alex Ovechkin, the Russian-born ice hockey player for the Washington Capitals, is widely regarded as one of the greatest scorers in the history of the sport.

As the captain and left winger for the Capitals, he has achieved numerous accomplishments, including scoring 812 goals, making him the second-highest scorer in NHL history, trailing only Wayne Gretzky.

Alex Ovechkin has been known to be a vocal supporter of Russian President Vladimir Putin. In 2017, during Putin's re-election campaign, Ovechkin initiated a social media movement called Putin Team, expressing his pride in being part of the Russian national team and offering his strong support for the Russian leader. Ovechkin's Instagram profile picture even features a photo of him with President Putin.

In his personal life, Ovechkin met his wife, Anastasia Shubskaya, through social media in 2014, and they got married in Russia in 2016. President Putin sent the couple a wedding gift and a telegram, which was read aloud at their wedding reception.

Getting such a surprise was obviously a big thing for the couple. It's also speculated that Putin admires Ovechkin and his hockey skills.

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