"All this team does is whine" "Stop crying": NHL fans react to Kris Knoblauch's comments on lack of penalty calls for Oilers

NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Edmonton Oilers at Vancouver Canucks
NHL fans react to Kris Knoblauch's comments on lack of penalty calls for Oilers

After the Edmonton Oilers fell to the Dallas Stars in Game 2 of the Western Conference͏ Final on Saturday, coach Kri͏s K͏noblauch addressed the media with͏ carefully chosen words regarding the͏ offi͏ciating.

Express͏ing ͏his frustration, Knoblauch acknowledged the disparity b͏etween regular͏-season and playoff͏ offi͏ciating s͏tandards:

“The NHL sometimes, a standard gets changed a little bit, and they want to make sure it's a penalty, where in the regular season maybe some things get let go,” Knoblauch said post-game.
“It's unfortunate for us that it is tougher to draw penalties in the playoffs than it is the regular season.”

While Knoblauch refrained from directly criticizing the officials, his frustration was evident to fans. On X (formerly called Twitter) reactions varied. Some fans defended the referees, suggesting that Knoblauch should stop lamenting the loss. One fan commented:

"It was hilarious when Oilers fans were calling Canucks fans whiny. All this team does is whine from top to bottom."

Another also echoed the same thought:

"Stop crying, Draisatl too."

Other fans shared similar sentiments, advising against dwelling on the defeat:

"The Oilers when they don’t get 18 powerplays and lose a hockey game" one fan said
""We can't win if we don't get power plays" end quote." another fan commented
"I knew the “we need more PP” would come sooner or later." one fan pointed
"Lol Oilers lose and use the excuse they didn't get enough powerplays" one fan chimed in

Some fans are feeling frustrated with the Oilers and their coach.

"Excuses for an overrated team terrible look for the coach" one fan said
"Biggest frauds in the nhl" another fan said

As the series between the Oilers and Stars is tied at 1-1 apiece, fans remain divided on the issue, eagerly anticipating how officiating will unfold in the remainder of the playoffs.

Oilers players reflect on tight margins and missed opportunities after game

Other Edmonton players echoed the sentiment of tight margins and missed opportunities following the loss.

Captain Connor McDavid emphasized the slim differences in the game and the need to capitalize on chances, saying on NHL.com:

“The margins are small. It’s tight games. The difference is a little tip in front and that’s it.” he also added, "I guess that’s a positive (to split the first two games). Never like to lose. We had a big opportunity here tonight and we didn’t capitalize."

He remained optimistic about the series split but acknowledged the disappointment of not converting the opportunities. Stars goaltender Jake Oettinger highlighted the need for a collective response:

“It’s not always going to go your way every night. It’s about not letting it be two nights in a row."

He talked about the importance of team effort and leadership in bouncing back. Meanwhile, defenseman Mattias Ekholm focused on the upcoming home games, expressing confidence in their ability to elevate their game and capitalize on the energy of fans.

“We’re back in our barn. It’s going to be exciting. I’m sure the fans are excited,” Ekholm remarked.

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