Anton Stralman slams league as 'cut-throat' business - "No glamor in being an NHL player"

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Anton Stralman slams league as "cut-throat" business, retiring after 900 games under his belt

Anton Stralman, the seasoned NHL defenseman, recently made headlines with his candid remarks about the realities of being a professional hockey player. After 16 illustrious years in the NHL, Stralman has decided to retire and return home to Sweden to continue his hockey journey in the SHL.

In an interview, he opened up about his experiences abroad and shed light on the challenges and sacrifices that come with playing in a top league like the NHL.

Stralman's retirement announcement also provided an opportunity for him to reflect on the challenges he faced as a professional athlete. He expressed his belief that the NHL can be a demanding and cutthroat business where players are not always treated well.

He said:

"It's not a dream employer in terms of how you are treated and all that. It is cut-throat business."

Balancing the demands of a hockey career with family life proved to be a difficult task for Stralman, and he acknowledged the toll it took on him and his loved ones.

He said:

"...Having four children and starting a family at the same time... it's not an easy task, it really isn't. It has been absolutely incredible how they pulled the heaviest load. Balancing it with playing in the NHL becomes an 'enemy' in the family, even though it allows us to experience cool things. It's a difficult dynamic."

Stralman's comments shed light on the less glamorous side of the NHL. Despite the allure and prestige associated with being a professional hockey player, he emphasized that the reality is far from glamorous.

He said:

"No, there is no glamor in it really. It's hard work and no glamor at all in being an NHL player"

Anton Stralman is not receiving the fame he deserved

During his career, Anton Stralman played for various teams, but he is most notably remembered for his time with the New York Rangers and the Tampa Bay Lightning. As a reliable defenseman, he played a significant role in supporting his teammates, including star goaltender Henrik Lundqvist and elite defenseman Victor Hedman.

Despite not receiving the same level of recognition as some of his counterparts, Stralman remained focused on being a valuable team player and cherished the memories he made during his successful tenure with the Lightning.

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