Boston Bruins GM Don Sweeney vows team will be "aggressive" in NHL trade market during offseason

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Boston Bruins GM Don Sweeney pledges to strengthen lineup in upcoming offseason

Boston Bruins General Manager Don Sweeney wants to strengthen the team's lineup during the upcoming offseason. In a video post shared by NHL insider Scott McLaughlin on X, Sweeney outlined his strategy for adding new pieces to the Bruins' core group.

"We are in a situation where we can look to add to our core group of guys and that includes some of the younger guys," Sweeney said.

Sweeney mentioned Matt Poitras as a promising player who could make an important impact next season. Poitras, expected to return healthy, has to earn his spot.

"He has to come back in and earn a spot like all of our young players and even incumbent returning players and how much they can push the group internally," Sweeney added.

The Boston Bruins general manager acknowledged the necessity of being aggressive in the trade market to complement the roster. Sweeney pointed out the areas where the team excelled and identified aspects needing improvement. He mentioned the importance of adding players who can create more anxiety for opponents and excel in forechecking.

"We’re going to be aggressive to be able to complement what we currently have, In some areas, our team played hard," Sweeney said.
"Kevin's point of whether or not we can play faster, whether or not we can find players that will create more anxiety and forecheck and some of the situations that certainly look at the teams that are still playing, they do a really good job of that and pockets of time we did."

Don Sweeney even addresses Boston Bruins' playoff struggles

Sweeney acknowledged the challenges and the need for improvement.

"The teams that are still playing are damn good. They've earned the right to be there and we didn't. It's hard to get in, it's hard to continue to win," Sweeney said

The Boston Bruins manager is focused on finding players who can match and elevate the group's performance to ensure sustained success.

"I've got to find the players that complement our current group and push us forward," Sweeney concluded.

Boston had a strong regular season but hit a rough patch in the 2024 Stanley Cup playoffs. Their challenges were most evident in the second-round series against the Florida Panthers.

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