CM Punk makes his feelings known about Blackhawks drafting Connor Bedard at the AEW event

CM Punk makes his feelings known about Blackhawks drafting Connor Bedard
CM Punk makes his feelings known about Blackhawks drafting Connor Bedard

In a surprising turn of events at the recent AEW Collision event in Detroit, former WWE superstar CM Punk made his feelings known about the Chicago Blackhawks' decision to draft Connor Bedard. Punk, who is known for his outspoken nature, was seen alongside a fan holding a bold poster that read, "Chicago don't deserve Bedard."

The unexpected sign immediately caught the attention of fans in attendance, who showed their support for Punk's sentiment. As an avid Chicago sports fan, Punk likely disagrees with what the fan had to say about the Blackhawks' highly-touted rookie.

While Punk has not publicly elaborated on his thoughts regarding the draft pick, his reaction to the sign at the AEW event sent a clear message to the Chicago Blackhawks organization and fans alike.

As the wrestling world eagerly awaits Punk's next move in his career, it seems his passion for sports extends beyond the squared circle, and he's not afraid to express his opinions on matters close to his heart.

Connor Bedard Expresses Frustration with Chicago Blackhawks Development Camp

Connor Bedard, the Chicago Blackhawks' highly anticipated first-overall selection this year, has voiced his displeasure with the group's unusual development camp practices.

Known for his excellent abilities on the ice, Bedard recently expressed his wish to return to his natural environment by working out on the ice rather than doing off-ice activities like working out in the gym or taking boxing lessons.

The Blackhawks, who are known for their conventional approach to development camps, changed things up this year by skipping their normal on-ice practices. The choice was explained by head coach Luke Richardson, who emphasized the value of giving players time to recuperate and lessening the expectation to perform well during camp.

As the most well-known candidate present, Bedard clearly feels the pressure to perform well and is eager to do so. He expressed his tremendous desire to restart his on-ice development by saying that the present period of not being on the rink was the longest he had ever experienced.

While Connor Bedard has appreciated getting to know the new coaching staff and his teammates in Chicago, it will be critical to strike a balance between his desire for greater ice time and the team's overarching philosophy toward rest and injury prevention. The Blackhawks will need to allay Bedard's worries and make sure that this change in the camp organization won't impede his growth.

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