"Horrible call. Not even a penalty." NHL fans in heated debate as Blue's Sammy Blais delivers dangerous hit on Jordan Harris

NHL fans in heated debate as Blue
NHL fans in heated debate as Blue's Sammy Blais delivers dangerous hit on Jordan Harris

In a recent NHL game between the St. Louis Blues and the Montreal Canadiens, Blues forward Sammy Blais delivered a dangerous hit to Canadiens' defenseman Jordan Harris. The incident occurred during a Sunday afternoon clash, leaving Harris visibly shaken and prompting swift reactions from fans across the hockey community.

A video clip of the hit circulated on NHL fan pages, showcasing Blais' collision with Harris, which resulted in a five-minute major penalty and a game misconduct for boarding.

However, opinions among fans were sharply divided regarding the severity of the hit and the officiating decision. One fan expressed disbelief at the penalty, asserting that the hit did not warrant such harsh disciplinary action.

"Horrible call. Not even a penalty."

Conversely, another fan came to Blais' defense, suggesting that the hit was a routine check and not intended to cause harm to Harris. He said:

"Blais isn't thinking Harris is going to fall. He's finishing a check"

Amidst the debate, accusations were also hurled at the St. Louis Blues, with one fan labeling them as a "dirty team" with a history of questionable plays.

"The Blues are a dirty team and always have been"

A detailed look at Blues forward Sammy Blais' hit on Canadiens' Jordan Harris

The unfortunate incident transpired as both Sammy Blais and Jordan Harris were engaged in a pursuit for the puck behind the Canadiens' net. Blais opportunistically sought to execute a hit on Harris, who, unfortunately, lost his footing and dropped to his knees just before the impending collision.

Despite Harris' compromised position, Sammy Blais proceeded with the hit, leading to Harris's head forcefully impacting the boards. The force of the collision, compounded by the weight of Blais' body, resulted in a violent and dangerous scenario for Harris.

Following the impact, Harris struggled to regain his footing, displaying evident signs of disorientation and potential injury. His attempts to rise were met with difficulty, indicating the severity of the blow he had endured. As a consequence of his actions, Blais was assessed a five-minute major penalty and ejected from the game with a misconduct penalty.

Later the game continued, with the St. Louis Blues maintaining a 3-1 lead over the Montreal Canadiens as the second period progressed.

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