In Photos: Sabres star Alex Tuch's wife Kylie shares adorable pics with their one-year-old son from trip to Disney World

Alex Tuch and wife Kylie made a Disney Land visit (Credit: Kylie Instagram)
Alex Tuch and wife Kylie made a Disney Land visit (Credit: Kylie Edwards on Instagram)

Alex Tuch and his wife Kylie Edwards recently shared pictures of their visit to Disney World in Florida with their son, who is getting close to being a year old. He was born on Sept. 12, 2023.

Back then, Tuch had little time to spend with his kid due to the Buffalo Sabres' below-average performance in the regular season. But it seems he is finally spending his time building a connection with his son, Tripp Michael Tuch.

Kylie shared a series of pictures through an Instagram post from her visit to Disney World. She captioned the post with these words:

"the most magical 👑🎠💫🎡"

In the first picture, Alex and Kylie posed for a photograph standing in front of the iconic blue and light golden-themed Disney World fort. Kylie had her son wrapped around her hand. Both couples had a smile on their face.

In the second picture, son Tripp was lying on a white colored hammock. He was wearing a cowboy hat with blue checked shorts. Kylie also shared the beautiful greenery at the Disney World.

In the next picture, Kylie posed for a picture with her son in a bikini. Fans also got to see the beautiful river-themed swimming pool. There was also the picture of little Tripp wearing the Mickey Mouse t-shirt. Alex was seen having a father-and-son time with Tripp in Disney World too.

This is what Alex Tuch had to say after his son was born. His thoughts were focussed on the health of both his newborn son and his wife.

"It was a special moment for both of us and to have both of our parents there afterwards. ...," Tuch said. "She’s good. She’s recovering well, Tripp is doing great. He’s awesome, amazing. A special moment. You don’t really know until it happens."

Alex Tuch's performance this season and more

Alex Tuch is one of the Buffalo Sabres' finest right-wing players. He is responsible and there is leadership quality visible in his performance.

Tuch scored a total of 59 points, which included 22 goals and 37 assists. He has played for three teams so far in his career. The first one was the Minnesota Wild, following which, he played for the Vegas Golden Knights. Now, he is plying his trade for the Sabres.

Tuch has so far played 454 regular season games. In them, he had scored 131 goals and 184 assists for a total of 315 points. The plus minutes were over 39.

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