Ivan Provorov traded to Columbus Blue Jackets, fans livid - "Don’t sign homophobic players"

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Fans livid after Ivan Provorov traded to Columbus Blue Jackets in three-team trade

Philadelphia Flyers, defenseman Ivan Provorov was traded to the Colombus Blue Jackets. It was a three-team trade involving the Flyers, Los Angeles Kings, and Blue Jackets. The Kings acquired Kevin Connauton and Hayden Hodgson.

This three-team trade stirred a range of reactions from NHL fans on Twitter. Additionally, Provorov's January controversy regarding his boycott of the Flyers' Pride festivities added another layer of discussion among fans.

One fan took to Twitter to express their disappointment with the trade, criticizing the acquisition of Provorov by the Blue Jackets.

"You guys lost just by trading for a bum who doesn't support pride."

This comment reflects the fan's negative perception of Provorov, likely influenced by the controversy surrounding his decision to boycott the team's Pride events.

Another fan expressed their concern about the team's direction and their own loyalty as a season ticket holder.

"I've got some serious thinking to do about my season tickets after this move."

This statement indicates that the fan is reconsidering their commitment to the Flyers as a result of the trade involving Provorov.

In the context of the trade and Provorov's controversy, a fan raised concerns about inclusivity and the team's stance on LGBTQ+ issues.

"So are LGBTQ+ folks like myself going to still be welcome at Nationwide Arena? Because this kind of feels like a bit of a setback."

The controversy surrounding Provorov might indicate a step back in creating an inclusive environment for LGBTQ+ individuals at games.

These reactions from NHL fans on Twitter highlight the diverse perspectives and emotions surrounding Ivan Provorov's trade. It is primarily due to the controversy surrounding his boycott of the team's Pride festivities.

Fans expressed disappointment, reconsideration of loyalty, and concerns about inclusivity within the fan community.

Understanding Ivan Provorov's trade to the Columbus Blue Jackets

In a significant trade orchestrated by Philadelphia Flyers' General Manager Daniel Briere, Ivan Provorov, a longstanding player and key figure in the franchise, was sent to the Columbus Blue Jackets in a three-team deal involving the Los Angeles Kings.

The trade aimed to address the needs of all three teams involved. The Flyers, who were in a rebuilding phase, acquired future assets in the trade. The Kings, on the other hand, received salary cap relief from the transaction. As for the Blue Jackets, they secured the services of Ivan Provorov, considered one of the NHL's most reliable and durable defensemen.

By joining the struggling Blue Jackets, Ivan Provorov is expected to immediately bolster their defensive unit.

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