"Most disrespectful thing" "Pretty bad taste": Fans condemn Dallas Stars blasting Edmonton Oilers' celebratory song 'La Bamba' after Game 2 win

NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Edmonton Oilers at Dallas Stars
Fans condemn Dallas Stars blasting Edmonton Oilers' celebratory song 'La Bamba' after Game 2 win

After defeating the Edmonton Oilers in Game 2, the Dallas Stars decided to rub salt in the wounds of the visitors by playing the song 'La Bamba' at the American Airlines Center. This move didn't sit well with Edmonton fans, as the celebratory song holds special meaning for them.

Initially tied to Joey Moss, a beloved member of the team's staff with Down Syndrome back in the 1980s, the song gained cult recognition among the Oilers fans over the years. Edmonton made 'La Bamba' the victory anthem in 2021 as a tribute to Moss's legacy.

Later, it gained further significance when young fan Ben Stelter, who died of cancer in 2022, rallied support for the song by saying “Play La Bamba, baby” during their games. Since then, ‘La Bamba’ has been more than just a celebratory track for the Edmonton fanbase.

That's why the Stars' move to play the song after their Game 2 win garnered some strongly negative fan reactions from X/Twitter:

“Playing La Bamba after a Stars win tonight is the most disrespectful thing you can do. A little boy who lost his life is the inspiration behind that song. Shame on you! #TexasHockey.”
“That’s f*cking greasy. There’s semblance behind it,” wrote one fan.
“Considering what that song represents and means for the Oilers, this is in poor taste and bad karma,” commented another user.

Other fans felt it was in poor taste for the opposing team to use the song, fearing it might bring negative vibes or "bad juju" due to its emotional significance to the Edmonton community.

“Well that's going to bring some bad juju given the meaning of that song to the Oilers. Pretty bad taste to be honest.”
“Went ahead and jinxed themselves. Nice,” wrote another fan.
“They're begging for bad Karma. Next game is on Oilers turf,” commented one user.

NHL recognizes Oilers fan Ben Stelter and family’s contribution to hockey

Dallas's choice to play the song seemed either uninformed or deliberately provocative, especially considering the NHL's spotlight on the Stelter family's story that same night.

On Saturday, NHL’s official social media handle posted a tribute to the Stelter Family for the 25th Anniversary of #HockeyFightsCancer in May. The tribute highlights the family's courage and resilience throughout their cancer battles.

They shared a part of the documentary by AstraZeneca US honoring the Stelter family's journey. It features Connor McDavid, Zach Hyman, Tim Shipton and Ben’s parents among others who reminisced about the young fan’s memory.

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