Oilers' mindfulness expert shares what Connor McDavid and NBA GOAT Michael Jordan have in common 

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George Mumford shares what Connor McDavid and Michael Jordan have in common

In an interview with Sportsnet's Luke Fox, mindfulness and performance expert George Mumford shared insights on what Connor McDavid and Michael Jordan have in common. When asked about the biggest lesson from Jordan, Mumford said:

"Adversity is a stepping stone, not a roadblock. And committed to excellence. He's very humble and hungry."

When asked if he saw the same traits in Connor McDavid, Mumford replied:

"Yes, most definitely. He wouldn't be who he is if he didn't have that commitment to excellence and being the most skilled player.
"It's like M.J. M.J. got cut from his high school basketball team, and every time I saw him play, it seemed like he was trying to make the team. With Connor, I don't know what happened to him in the past, but there's something. There's a work ethic."

Mumford continued:

"There's a commitment to excellence that's there. And he's not by himself. I can name a bunch of others, in their own way. They all have the potential. The real question is: Are we able to embrace the moment and make it work? That's it."

George Mumford is a famous sports psychologist and mindfulness expert. He has played a key role in the Edmonton Oilers' quest for the Stanley Cup this season. Mumford has worked with NBA stars such as Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. Kobe Bryant credited Mumford with improving his mindfulness skills.

Mumford grew up in Boston and spent 12 years at Boston College. He had worked with hockey players before, but not at this level.

Jeff Jackson, the Oilers CEO, contacted Mumford through LinkedIn. This led to Mumford joining the team. He gave each player a copy of his book "Unlocked: Embrace Your Greatness, Find the Flow, Discover Success." Throughout the season, he made regular trips to Alberta to support the team.

Connor McDavid praised George Mumford's impact on Oilers' playoff mindset

Connor McDavid noted Mumford's role in helping the team navigate pressure situations during the playoffs.

"He was brought in for this reason, to help in these big moments," Connor McDavid said (via Sportsnet.com)
"He’s done a great job of being there for guys, talking about the mindset in these pressure situations. I think our guys have done a great job of playing in these big moments, and he’s been a big part of that," McDavid added.

Mumford's presence has helped keep the team focused and calm under pressure. Mumford wisdom and calming influence have been crucial to the Oilers' performance during their Stanley Cup campaign.

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